Thursday, February 4, 2010

For Today... Feb 4th, 2010

Hello !!, yep, that's Macon, checking out the camera. He just has to see what ever it is I'm doing.. That's Jerry in the background.

For Today... Feb 4th, 2010, Thursday

Outside my window... (5 pm ) It's been a dreary day outside. All cloudy and gray, but little has fallen from the sky, yet. We are suppose to have snow on the ground by morning, though. and predicted to have around 4 inches by 6 pm tomorrow. But the tempature has still be good, for the time of year that it is.

I am thinking... (5 pm ) How to be able to go get back into our camper and be ready to go to the next job. We will need to know how much we are getting back from our taxes, first.

I am thankful for... Quiet days. Not that I don't like being busy and noisy at times. The peace of quiet is restful and a reminder that life isn't always like this.

From the kitchen... Breakfast was fried potatoes, sausage and fried eggs. I had parts of a sandwich for lunch and some corn chips for snack. dinner is going to be chicken tenders, french fries and green beans.

I am wearing... brown sweat pants and a blue top.

I am reading... emails, mostly and some blogs

I am hoping... that we don't get as much snow as they are predicting. I also hope we can get to the post office tomorrow and find our tax papers there so we can file and get that out of the way.

I am creating... I didn't work on my needlework today.. just didn't feel like it.

I am hearing... some music I have stored on my computer, I need to change the music on my mp3 player

Around the house... I did up all the dishes today.. three sinkfuls of water, everything but two skillets got done. The two skillets only had some oil in them so they are good. did a couple of small loads of laundry as well. I want back in "our" camper so I can take care of us, like I'm suppose to.

One of my favorite things... watching our dogs pick on Jerry. They want out much more often when he's around and not only to potty. They have him wrapped around their tails because he will take them walking, some times.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Shopping tomorrow, Superbowl Sunday. need to do some minor cleaning Saturday.


Here it is, early Feburary and I'm already thinking about March.

While our kids were small and growing up, I would decorate for just about everything. Jerry put up with my displays and I think he enjoyed them, then. One I miss is for the first of March I would make a lamb and lion and place them equally level on a wall. If March came in rough and wintery I would move the lion up higher. If it came in mild and warm, I moved up the lamb.. as a reminder that the saying is "In like a lion, out like a lamb". If we are back in our Camper by March, I may make a lamb and lion set and put them above the head of my bed where there is room for such a display.

I also like to put up a couple of Kites on the wall, as a reminder that March is suppose to be windy and is blowing away the last of winter while bringing in fresh, clean air.

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