Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For Today... Feb 9, 2010. Tuesday

For Today... Feb 9, 2010. Tuesday

Outside my window... (9:30am) The sun is shining but it's cold outside. The snow has a sparkle to it like a million diamonds laying on the ground. The cardnails are back, playing the the brush across the way. I think I saw the local hawk in the sky a bit ago, but when he's (or she) is up very high it's hard to see him because he blends in with the clouds. (s)he has a white underside. Makes sense considering it has to swoop out of the sky to catch it's meals on the run.
(3:00pm) It's snowing, again. Not a heavy snow, just flakes in the air. No accumulation expected from it. At at least not much. Even the sun is trying to shine while there are still some flakes comeing down.

From the kitchen... (9:30am) Breakfast was pancakes. I had to open the new bag of flour, that Jerry had put on the highest shelf in the bit of space Beth uses for her pantry. I coudln't reach it so I had to wait for Jerry to come back in from walking the dogs, before I could ask him to get it for me. Molly ended up with the first pancake. It just didnt want to cook and fell apart when I tried to turn it the first time. It took a long time for the skillet I was using to warm up, this morning.

(3:00) Lunch was a couple of slices of Taco Pizza from Casey's, left overs from Sunday's Superbowl party we had. I think the dogs may end up with the rest of it. The first few bites reminded me of Mom's old Taco Casserole she use to make. I've lost the recipe to it. but you ended up layering corn tortilles, seasoned meat, and cheese in a baking dish, then topped it all with a came of Cream of Mushroom soup. Mom didn't much care for the Mushrooms, but she would make it and just pick them out of her bowl.

I am wearing... Brown sweat pants, and a tee shirt under a whilte long sleeve warmer over shirt. Yes, it's cold outside and inside.

I am reading... emails

Around the house... (9:30am) I finished up the last of Beth's laundry. I need to do dishes. (4:00) I finally got up and did the dishes,, took me about 30 minutes as I had to wait for the water to warm up, in the kitchen. The faucet in there is back to just running at a slow stream.

A few plans for the rest of the week... no plans, so far.. Jerry plans on going to town in a bit to drop a rebate form in the mail, pick up some potatoes and I don't know what else.. Mainly to get out for a bit, I'm thinking. He gets cabin fever worst than I do.




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