Friday, February 26, 2010

Feb 26, 2010

It's Friday, something to celebrate even if Jerry still hasn't found a job. Friday's were always my day to do any "running" that needed done. shopping, banking, laundry, I'm sure you know the drill.

Today wasn't much different. While in Alabama, I had to get a driver's licence. No real biggy.. Well, it was as I really, really needed glasses in order to pass the eye exam. I swear they make those letters and numbers smaller and smaller each year. IN Alabama, if you are diabetic, like I am, You have to state that on the application. You are then informed that you "May" have to take a paper to your doctor that says you are safe to drive. I've never blacked out, had a seazure or any other high or low sugar incident. (lucky me) I have had low sugar a few times, but not while driving. A bit of Sugar or 1/2 a can of regular cola or a cup of orange juice and I'm right as rain. (I know rain isn't always right, see) If I'm on a long trip, I make good and sure I have the right snacks so we don't have problems along the way. Gee, ice chests are nice to have around. Anyways.... A couple of weeks ago, My Daughter in Tennessee got a letter for me from the state of Alabama's driver's devision and she called me. Open it and read it to me.. so she did.. Basicly it said I had until March 6th to have this form filled in by the doctor who's care I am under (in the state of Alabama only) and send it back to them to review that I am still safe to drive on the roads of Alabama. It's a bit far to go from Missouri to Alabama and find a doctor and beside that, we have no extra cash to pay for either the trip or the doctor's visit. So today, since we had to go to the county seat anyway, I changed my Driver's licence from Alabama to Missouri's (again) Way back in 1997, We lost everything including my purse and birth cert in a fire.. it took 18 months to get one copy of my Birth Cert from the state of California. I know Mom paid at least three times for one and it took both her and Jerry calling before they finally sent me one copy of it. But in the mean time. I didn't have a copy of my marrage licence (at that time) when I went to get my licence in 1998, instead of using my middle name or Initial, they used my maiden name as my middle name. every since, I have been trying to get it changed back to my middle initial and have had no luck. Even when I showed my Birth Cert and the Marrage licence.. Mo still has my maiden name as my middle name... I have to wonder what someone in my future will think when they are trying to research my as part of their family tree.

I have been trying to find some sort of records on my father and his father. I know Dad's birth date and death date. Found him in the S.S. index, but it doesn't tell where he was born. only where he was when he died. Since I don't know his father's middle name, I also don't know his middle initial.. I think I heard a long time ago, that he died in California. One night, around the kitchen table when I was 14 or so, I heard that when I was less than three years old, we (as a family) visited My Grandfather Swan, and that I wondered off and found his horses. He had a trick horse and when he called and called that horse didn't come running like he usually does. He couldn't, I was asleep under him, holding onto a hoof. He kept shifting his other three legs to keep the sun off me while I slept. So my love of horses goes way, way back. I did find my Grandmother's death cert. but it's not much help as it doesn't list what county she was born in. Just that she was born in Missouri as where her parents. I have pictures of their grave markers and maybe, one of these days, I can find out more about that side of my family.

We lent Heather a car we are buying.. she's had some trouble out of it and now, the water pump may be gone in it. If it's just th the water pump that's a fairly easy fix. But I don't know if we will have to send her the money to fix it, or what.




Where is your cell phone? By my hand, on the desk, charging.

Significant other? Talking on his cell phone.

Your hair? Red, white, and a tangled mess. I did brush it today.. most days I forget. time for a trim.

Your mother? Passed away in 2003.

Your father? Passed away in 2009. It was a Sorry way to find out your father died. A cousin read his obit on the paper and asked me in an email if it was him or not.. No one tried to call either me or my brother. Come on people, I know he kept a personal phone book by the phone. Even if they didn't know my last name, my brother has his last name. I didn't have time to go to his funeral.. so I sent my youngest right after work to it. She took a friend. The "Lady" taking care of the arrangments, made it a point to say 'Here, you and your mom are going to want this' and handed her the lawyer's card. She said it loud enough that several people turned to look at them. I never asked my Dad for anything once we got married. One time I did want to get a loan from him, but he was out of town and we found a different way to get what we needed. When asked "Where is your Mom" Beth told her, In Georgia, having eye surgury, She didn't find out about Grandpa until yesterday afternoon, There is no way she could drive here in that short a time and get back for her next appointment. My daughter can get a bit snippy when she needs to. She was polite but tired.

Your favorite thing? "thing" is the T.V. I turn it on for the sound, as the picture is just awful right now.

Your dream last night? putting in a garden

Your favorite drink? Diet Dr Pepper

What room are you in? Back bedroom

Your hobby?(s) sewing, crafts, beading, jewerly, cooking,

Your fear? Fire.

Where do you want to be in 6 years? In the mountains. any where that has some high mountains .. North Carolina, Colorado, or Utah.

Where were you last night? Home. on the computer.

Something that you aren't? Healthy and thin

Muffins? I don't make them, I will eat them if they are on the table.

Wish list item? "New" wish list item.. circut paper cutter system. I've been waiting for them to come down in price.

Last thing you did? Went to Plattsburg Mo to take care of a few things. driver's licence, personal property taxes paid, Stop in at Human Resources to ask a couple of questions.

What are you wearing? Dark blue sweat pants and a purple flowered t-top/

TV? Broken..

Your pets? Two Dogs. Beth has two dogs and a cat that want to go with us. oh yeah.. make that three+ cats ( the + means she's about to have kittens)

Your life? An adventure. UP and down and Up and Down again. just like a good roller coaster ride.

Your mood? on a scale of 1 to 10, I would say 7.. to the good.

Missing someone? My Mom and my Son, wish he would call me or write me.

Drinking? Diet Dr Pepper, (right now, sorta wished I could drink something "harder" as my daughter called and said the car is broken and leaking water badly.. hopefully it's just a water pump, Her S/O is out there now, checking to see if it might be the water pump)

Your car? Bright Yellow DHL Van.

Something you're not wearing? shoes

Your favorite store? Hobby Lobby and Joanne's

Your favorite color? Purple

When is the last time you cried? A couple of weeks ago, read a sad story about an 80+ woman who had to have her dog put to sleep

Where do you go to over and over? To sleep, the fridge, and Walmart

My favorite place to eat? Golden Corral

Favorite place I'd like to be at right now? The Beach, as long as it's warm




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