Monday, February 8, 2010

For Today... Feb 8, 2010

For Today... Feb 8, 2010
( 2pm) Outside my window... The snow is blowing around, The wind has picked up and is blowing the snow from one place to another as well as swirling it around and around along with what's falling from the sky. You can't see the tire tracks in the yard any more, they are filled in with the fresh snowfall.

(7:30) The snow finally stopped, after dark and now it's getting colder and colder. Beth is driving herself in to work and her van has no heat in it. We just hope that Clay County has taken care of the roads like they should. She drives main roads that many people use all the time but with the tempature dropping down to single digets, there may still be some icy spots on the roads.


I am thinking... (2 pm) I am wasting my time, wishing for Spring to hurry up and get here. I could be wishing away my whole life because once Spring got here, I would want summer, Then I would be wishing for Fall, and the cycle would continue..

It's days like this, sitting here at a window, reading stuff on the computer, and watching the show swirl and dance outside that makes Winter, winter. Sure it's cold and sure it's slick, but there is also beauty to it as well. Who needs a snow globe when you can just look outside your window every now and then. Watching the birds playing,, the dogs chasing each other in the snow (Beth's dogs, not mine.. they are staying warm inside) Sam will go running up the back driveway every now and then.. and If I see him going, I'll watch because he's heard a truck or tractor and he's willing to race beside it from the driveway to the next house down, where the next dog is willing to take over the race. If ever you needed to teach a relay race, find some dogs close to home who do this to show the kids how it's done.

I am thankful for... Being able to let you in on some family news. Josh,( Jerry's sisters' son,) and his wife are expecting their first Baby.. Due end of July or first week of Auguest. I'm going to be a Great Aunt. !! !! !!



Mrs. Smith pulled Mrs. Jones out of earshot of the porch, where Mrs. Jones' lovely young daughter, Linda, sat. "It is really none of my business," whispered Mrs. Smith, "but have you noticed what your daughter is doing?"
"Why, no. Is she up to anything special?"

Mrs. Smith leaned closer. "Haven't you noticed? She has started knitting tiny garments!"

Mrs. Jones' troubled brow cleared. "Well, thank goodness," she said smiling, "at last she has taken an interest in something besides running around with boys."

From the kitchen... Surprise ! Beth cooked dinner tonight. She made Chicken Parmagan. She cooke chicken tenders (last of the bag) in a skillet until done with little seasoning. Heated up some Spegettie Sauce in another pan, and then boiled up egg noodles, Add to that a can of peas and it's a meal.. She talked Jerry into baking a cake. He's been doing most of the cooking, I've been doing cleaning and she's been working nights, sleeping days.

I am wearing... Brown sweats and a blue flowered top

I am reading... emails and blogs

I am hoping... We get a break in the weather so Jerry can go to the library and pick up some tax forms we need.

I am creating... While we were at storage last week, I pulled three tubs out to bring back to Beth's house with us. I am trying to learn my way around the 1790's. And these tubs have some of my "Stuff" in them. I went through one today (hang in here, it's a good story) I found my wooden knitting needles and some red yarn. (it's acrylic not wool) and then found a potholder I had started long ago, for Beth. It's a black to white varagated yarn. and I finished it up while wathcing my favorite Soap Show. She was ok with it.. I guess. But when she needed a pot holder this evening while she was cooking she came over and grabbed it, so now it's a keeper. I am thinking of using the rest of the yarn to make her another one. maybe a round one this time.

I am hearing... Jerry has last weeks "Pawn Stars" on so I came to the comptuer, When a new one comes on, I'll go watch it.

Around the house... I need to go do the dishes. I'm doing laundry for Beth today. Got almost all of it done. Beth put away her clean clothes today (she's on a roll here folks) I've done one load of whites, washed and dried two loads of darks, have one more in the dryer, another load in the washer as I write, with her sheets off her bed (she changed her bed even !!!) that I'll finish up before morning so she can have fresh sheets on her bed to sleep on. (10:30) sheets are in the dryer and the two blankets she needs done are in the washer. Depends on how tired I am when the sheets are done, if I put them in the dryer tonight or when I get up in the morning.

One of my favorite things... Sitting at a window, looking out, and seeing the red birds playing chase in the brush across the way a bit. They stand out agaist the white of the snow and the dark of the trees. Flitting from tree branch to weed top, to the top of a bush and back again.

A few plans for the rest of the week... I rarely make plans. Beth and I did talk about how much fun we had yesterday with Josh and Makeya over. We ate, played games and watched most of Super bowl with them. They left a bit early because everyone was getting sleepy. His hours have chancged to where he's working days again but that means getting up at 4 am, instead of getting home at 6. Once he's off to work, Makeya can either stay up or go back to bed. Beth and I both told her, we would end up going back to bed. (ha ha)


Pico De Gallo

For our Superbowl gathering. I made Fresh Salsa or Pico De Gallo. I cheated.. I found a package of salsa seasoning at Walmart. It called for 4 t o5 Ripe Roma Tomatoes. I got 6, it called for 1/2 a small onion, I think I used a bit more than that.. I found a green pepper in the fridge, and so added it in, as well. It wasn't called for, on the package but I saw it in several recipes I looked up, on the internet. I also added a good splash of Lemon juice also not called for on the package but found in several recipes as well..

I used my food processor to "chop" everything. first I did 4 tomatles,and put them in a large bowl. I then did two more but not as much, leaving them a bit chuncky, and put them in a smaller bowl. I then chopped the Green pepper and added it to the larger amount of tomatoes, then the onion, adding the Green Peppers and tomatoes back to the food processor, added the seasoning packet and the dash of Lemon Juice. Let it whirl a couple of pulses, the poured it into a large container and added in those couple of tomatoes I had held back. Let it sit in the fridge for a bit. I'll tell you, it was not as hot as I thought it would be, even though we got the mild one, I was afraid it would still have too much of a kick for Beth. It didn't "kick" until after the last bite, then you knew a bit was there. I want to have some over fried eggs, soon.

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