Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feb 23, 2010

Because we needed the hitch put on the van. and Beth needs to get up at 6 pm and be to work at 9 pm. ... instead of her following Dad to the shop, I ended up walking up the snowy hill and taking one of the vans to the shop, then back home. I expected Beth to be in bed, but she was watching tv when we got back. Jerry made breakfast.


For Today... Feb 23, 2010

Outside my window... (7am) it's so cold that everythings is covered in cryatals and sparkling with an orange caste to it from the raising sun. Which has just cleared the top of the hill across the way. within seconds, it goes from Orange to pink, to Yellow. I can see the tracks the dogs have left in the snow, the edges of which catch and sparkle in the new light as well. You know it's cold when the snow looks like it has a million diamonds in it.
(10am) the sun is out, and very bright. Every thing still has a sparkle to it, but I can see water dripping off the roof falling past the window I look out. I expect that the Sun will help melt down some of the snow. When it re-freezes it will be twice as hard to walk up the hill to the van.

(2pm) Another walk up the hill. I'm wore out. We took the dogs with us. Each of us walking one dog. going up, I had Rocky. Coming back down, I had Macon. I had to let Macon run with his lead draggin when Molly came up to play. Macon did good and stayed fairly close to us and came when he was called, sort of. Molly tried to get him to rum the other direction. It's still cold out. The sun is working some magic but not enough to melt away the snow. We got almost 10 inches of it Sunday and schools were closed yesterday. I'm so glade we don't have any kids in school around here, It would be a struggle to get them to the bus stop when it's like this outside. It's still cold enough that the ice on the trees sparkle. Although there are a couple of icicles growing outside my window. We are starting to cloud up now. A cold front is suppose to come through today. Beth is driving herself to work tonight because she doesn't want to wake up Dad around 4 am to let him know when to come get her. Her hours have changed, again.

I am thinking... The Hitch is on the van. All we need is a job to go to and we are set, We can pick up the camper on our way to another job, if it's in the southeast.

I am thankful for... Being able to walk out in the snow and sunshine. Although it's cold out, I can bundle up and keep warm enough to enjoy the exercize. My knee isn't too happy with me but I expected something to hurt by the time I got back the second time.

From the kitchen... Jerry made me scrambled eggs with cheese on top and some bacon. Loved it. Lunch was some Romain salad with salsa and sour cream on top. Next time, I'm going to use much less sour cream.

I am wearing... brown sweatpants and my wild and free tshirt.

I am reading... emails

I am hoping... That this snow melts by the weekend so we can get out easier.

I am creating... still working on a pot holder for Beth so she will have a set.

I am hearing... The fan on the heater in here, it's loud.

Around the house... I need to do dishes, we seem to be low on silverware. I have a load of laundry in the dryer that needs folded up.

One of my favorite things... Watching the dogs play and letting them have a little time to run wild.

A few plans for the rest of the week... no plans


Things I remember making for my Mom. A Grocie list holder from wood and a metal strip that a roll from an adding machine fit into.

A snail from Paper mache, A swan but it was lost long ago.

Pot holders and tea towels

I knitted her some booties, and a scarf or two.

A plastic canvase heart shapped box, which my grandmother gave away to her cousin.

some earrings

angel pins

loam beaded necklaces.




I know, It's been a few days since I wrote in my journal. Outside of it being cold there isn't much to say.

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