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A few snippets from the Clinton County Sheriff's Report

A few snippets from the Clinton County Sheriff's Report


Monday, February 1st

8:12 AM 911 Call: There are four Great Pyrenees dogs are walking along I-35 at the 49 MM. Clinton County does not respond to dog calls.

9:10 AM Dead coyote on Hwy 33 near Holt. County doesn't do dead coyote calls,either.

11:32 AM 911 Call: Excited lady watched a boy run across Hwy 69 with two dogs...


12:45 PM 911 Call: More dog calls. It's the Great Pyrenees, again. Called MHP to see if a Trooper wants to fool with them.

2:15 PM A man on a borrowed cell phone has had a boat and two trailers stolen...but he doesn't know his address. The man that owns the cell phone called to say that he doesn't know the address either....but he can give exact direction to find the place...(Give 'um a break... they are in Lake Arrowhead...) Deputy with a map, a GPS and a cell phone is dispatched.

6:20 PM 911 Call: People are getting exceedingly angry and getting out of their cars. The stop light on Hwy36 by McDonald's has been stuck on red for 15 minutes. The drivers in front are to chicken to run it..and the drivers behind them are loudly giving them .. "options".

6:28 PM A man called the Sheriff' Department from his office. His children are home alone in their rural residence near Lathrop. The terrified children called him at work.....someone was furiously pounding on the front door ! Deputy was dispatched...Yes, someone was the slightly frazzled Mom...

9:40 PM "Margaret" from St. Joe called...wanted to know the name of that guy that lives north of Gower.. sells farm equipment and gates...

Tuesday, February 2


11:08 AM A parolee, stricken with a sudden onset of dumbness, broke away from the County Parole Officer on the very last day of his parole. He ran west from the courthouse with the parole officer and a geriatric deputy on his trail. After running three blocks the wheezing deputy headed the parolee off at Locust and Second Street. The parolee couldn't help but notice that the TAZER pointed at his chest was still fully charged...even if the deputy wasn't. The parolee now lives in Cell 10.


1:46 PM A "FedEx" truck is parked in front of a rural home. Two white males brazenly walked, uninvited, into the homeowners shop. The irate owner confronted them. They said they were looking for jumper cables to start their truck. However, they quickly returned to their truck, started it and drove off. The home owner reminded the dispatcher that anyone can now buy used FedEx trucks in Liberty.

6:49 PM Black cow is out on the blacktop road north of Turney.

Wednesday, February 3

4:24 AM Domestic of sorts in Lathrop. "She's" there and "he's" there and another "she" who's mad a the first "she".. Lathrop officer dispatched to sort it out.


5:30 AM 911 Call: Caller didn't see it happen but there is a one vehicle wreck on Hwy 116 at Travel Express. Lathrop Fire is first to the location. Everyone can go home. It was only a guy turning around in a driveway and got stuck.6:43 AM Black cow out again on the black highway...north of Turney.

9:21 AM Horses are out...Gower.

12:34 AM 911 Call: A 29 year old female in Lathrop, had a severe head ache then passed out.

4:32 PM Six black cows are back out on Hwy "J".

7:28 PM A deer leaped in front of a car just as the car passed a mail box. The deer and the mail box are dead, the driver is slightly injured.

6:56 PM Farm lady on Hwy "J" is really ticked off. People keep calling her and telling her that her cows are out...

8:23 PM 911 Call: A young lady dialed 911. She needs the dispatcher to fix her cell phone and remove the "SOS" from the thing...


Thursday, February 4th

12:36 AM 911 Call: The Hill Top Grill on PP Hwy 4 has an older male there that is having problems standing up and talking. He has only been drinking water. Holt EMS dispatched.11:15 AM A chicken farmer north of Lathrop is really feeling guilty. Some dogs were trying to kill his chickens. He fired a shotgun to scare them off but actually hit one and killed it. The dispatcher told him he has every right to shoot dogs trying to damage his property.

1:45 PM 911 Call: There is a customer is a store in Lathrop. The customer is extremely belligerent and perhaps just a tad intoxicated. Lathrop PD dispatched.

4:40 PM 911 Call: The irate female called 911 because a State Trooper was still in the process of writing her a ticket for speeding on I-35. The lady babbled on about how rude he is and how he's just taking his time writing the ticket...and she wants the dispatcher to call him and tell him to hurry up ! She has to get home to take her medicine...

7:36 PM 911 Call: An ambulance is needed at the Lathrop High School wrestling tournament. An 18 year old male has a dislocated elbow. TCA is dispatched.


Friday, February 5th

6:37 AM 911 Call: A car trying to turn south from Hwy 116 on to Hwy 33 in Lathrop, has slid off the highway and down the embankment in front of the Fast Break store.

6:50 AM A lady is on I-35 just south of Hwy 69. Her truck is pulling a trailer load of hogs on their way to market. At least one of the hogs has made a break for it...and is now running loose on the Interstate.


3:15 PM 911 Call: An entire herd of 30 black cows are out on Hwy 116 in front of Pamidas'. The dispatcher spends half an hour calling every rancher in the book to find the owner. The Plattsburg officer and several deputies spend half an hour rounding them up.

Saturday, February 6th.

8:49 AM Surprise! A resident in Turney arrived home to find a totally wrecked white, Pontiac Grand AM in his driveway. A youth came to the house, removed the plates, took items out of the car, told the home owner he could have the car and left.

9:30 AM 911 Call: There is a fight going on in the parking lot of Casey's in Lathrop. The caller said the fight could be between a male and a female...but he's not real sure the guy is really a guy. City officer is dispatched and a deputy. They discover that the guy is the one with the multi-colored purse.

12:30 PM 911 Call: A mother is trying to locate her 13 year old son. Her 15 year old and the 13 year old got into a fight and the 13 year old ran away. They believe he crossed I-35 on foot. For the next hour the the ex-dad, the MHP, and two Clinton County Deputies launch a search....long story...but it has a happy ending.

1:09 PM 911 Call: Mass confusion. A 42 year old man fell out of a tree and fell 20 feet to the ground. He is in serious trouble. Lawson Fire is called but they can't go. TCA is paged out. LifeNet helicopter is paged out from St. Joe. The highly rural address is difficult to find. LifeEagle helicopter from Liberty arrives...victim is transported.

3:42 PM 911 Call: A Plattsburg officer is needed on Railroad Avenue. An old blue, Chevy truck is being driven by a boozy driver. The boozy driver borrowed the truck..the owner of which, would like it back.

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