Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hello, to any one who reads this. We had an interesting day. Beth got off work at 4 am this morning. Giving her only 34 hours for this week. I guess it negates the 40 she got last week. Other than that ,and messing with hours all this week, she's doing good.

Heather got a job, this week, and has even been called in to work extra hours today. She's realizing she's a bit OCD. Third shift is the cleaning shift of most any convience store and she's loving her job so far. She just can't understand why the other girls make it sound like it's so hard to do.

Jerry is still job hunting. Still no word on any jobs opening up.

We, that is Jerry, Beth and I, took a day "off". We met up with Josh and MaKeya for a bit this afternoon... I hated that cold, slick walk up to the van, but it was sooo nice to get out for a bit. We ended up at the Ameristar casino. We went to the Arcade first and, by the time we were done, we had over 1,000 tickets to turn in. We had noticed a couple of girls playing games and kinda watching what we were doing. In the end, we gave the youngest our tickets. One reason was because her sister teased her about not having a lot of tickets. Love helping to even things out. "Dad" saw us give her the tickets so she wouldn't get in trouble with him. We then decided we were hungry but I knew I couldn't walk from one end of the building to the other and back again, so I sent the group down the courseway to find a place to eat. Arthor O'Brians, which was all well and good until the guys saw the prices of things in there. Back to Burger King. MaKeya wanted a burger, but when they found out that bacon and cheese costs extra. Josh decided he didn't want a burger there. He and Beth went next door to S'barro's and each got a slice of pizza. Beth said her's didnt taste as good as it looked. That the pepperoni tasted off. MaKeya ate all but one of the pepperoni and I ate the last one. It wasn't bad, just different from what she's use to. I expected her to pick the cheese off but she didn't. A waste of a slice of Pizza in the long run. Jerry and I had Burgers. I had the #11. which looked huge on the overhead screen. Boy was I wrong on that one. It was more like a double burger without the lettuce, tomato and onion on it. I gave "the kids" most of my fries and we still ended up tossing about 1/3rd of them in the trash can.

MaKeya is too young to gamble. And I didn't feel like it, today, anyway. Josh took in 15 and came out with $30. Jerry broke even, I think. Beth played her money, then played her winnings so she ended up losing in the end. When Jerry gave me $20 to go in and gamble, I just put it in my wallet. I told them all, I was gambling that it won't stay in there a full week.

We then walked back to see what movies were playing. They all wanted to see "Cop Out". From what I've seen of the previews, It wasn't something I wanted to waste my money on. The "Kids" had already seen Avatar and that was the one I wanted to see. There wasn't another one there I was intrested in, and told everyone they could watch a movie and I would sit on a bench waiting for them. They didn't want to do that. So we talked about it a bit and decided to see what's playing in Liberty. The Kids still got to see "Cop Out", Beth said the best part is after the credits run. Jerry and I saw "Percy Johnson, the Lighting bolt theif". Finally a movie that didn't have a lot of cussing in it. A birthday party was going on and I guess the birthday boy go to start the projector. Jerry was a bit grumpy about the kids being there, and he's the one who talked.

We are trying to place the actor who played Zeus and where we saw him before. And Uma Thurman. I'll be going to IMDB to look up the movie and see who and where in a few minutes.

When we got home, we had to walk down that driveway, as it's still snow covered. I had to walk our dogs once I got inside. They both tried to pull me off my feet and I was cussin mad at them for it. Macon slipped his collar and I really need to use the chain collar on him because this is starting to be a habit with him. He did what he was out side for, and let me put his collar back on, but I can't let him keep doing this just because he wants to. They both spotted Jerry, who had to re-arrange some things in the back of the van before coming to the house and that's when our dogs tried to pull me off my feet. I was not letting go of the leads so they could run to him. and now my arms and hands hurt.

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sean bean played zeus