Thursday, February 25, 2010


The sun is starting to set, behind this barn we live in, Yes, we are in a barn, well.. a Morton building that has a living quarters built in on one side, three stalls on the other and the middle is the garage area. anyway.. the sun is to my back, on the other side of the building. Up on the hill I can still see bright light reflecting off the snow while our back yard is now a light greywith the dog tracks a lighter white where they have gone visiting The tops of the trees are still catching some of the sun and I have been watching the wind knock the snow off the branches every now and then. Three is a pinkish tint to the light now, and the clouds to my east are so high that they are purplish and pink as well. the house across the road gets the last of the light on it's front. It's roof still has snow on it, from the storm we had three days ago. I have noticed that they park their smaller van at the end of their driveway but park the truck in their garage. The white barn to the left is still in light, but the house is now getting a dark grey tint to it. The evergreens in front are blocking the sun, I think. The green tractor going down the road gets to race with Sam as he runs as fast as he can to the end of the back driveway. If he hurries he can have his race, that is, unless Molly goes and tackles him into the snow. The brush pile behind the trees is huge and a mecca for the wild life around here. I've seen the birds fly in to it's shelter and I've seen rabbit tracks leading to it as well. Two to three weeks ago, the Sun was rising right beside the house across the way, now it raises much more to it's right and I almost can't see it without having to lean to my left to look out the window in the mornings. I do need to take my camera for a walk along the back driveway, but only if the neighbor dogs will keep quiet. The people on this side of the road by the back driveway are retired and I would hate to wake them up, just because I want to take a few pictures of the snow covered weeds along the back.

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