Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For Today... Feb 10, 2010

For Today... Feb 10, 2010

Outside my window... (8 am )We woke up to more snow. I thought it was suppose to end and be sunny today. UGH. It's not a hard snow, but it's still depressing. But at least it's warm enough to snow. Last night we were to be in the single digets, so if it's snowing at least that means the tempature has raised up a bit.

(8:oopm) Well, it did quit snowing, and the sun came out for a while, but it didn't warm up much at all. I stepped outside for a few minutes for some fresh air and without a coat on. I was in the shelter of the garage and the sun was shining in so it was comfortable enough for a little bit. When I spotted some trash that needed to be picked up (thanks Molly) and stepped away from the shelter of the garage I was reminded by the breeze that it's still cold outside. We had a little of the snow melt, but underneath the snow, but not enough to make much difference. I have just come back in from walking the dogs and boy am I glade I put on my coat. The sun went down around 6 pm and once it was gone the tempature really changed. Even the dogs were quick to get done what they were outside for, and come back in.

I am thinking... I have got to change my diet and I have got to get Jerry on board with it. Fried food is not my friend, and neither are all the potatoes we eat. I keep asking him and telling him, but he's not getting it. We havn't had any Salad in a week, my fault on that, I didn't pick up at from the store, while trying to save as much money as we can. Salad makings are very high this time of the year. I did eat some of the fresh Salsa, but I think eating it with chips kinda defeated the idea of fresh produce. The only other "good" for me thing I ate was a banana, and I'm not sure it was all that good for me. I just can't seem to get it into Jerry's mind that I HAVE to have vegetables. And not always peas. He'll only eat canned, and there's a lot of salt in canned goods. Peas are high starch and sugar from what I read the other day. I am tired of Green beans, but that's about all the canned goods we get is green beans and peas.

I am thankful for... Jerry, he does try to take care of me. He really does care.

From the kitchen... Breakfast, Fried Potatoes, Fried eggs with fresh Salsa and bread to mop up the yolks with. Lunch was Doritos scoops with Fresh (3days ago) Salsa. Dinner was Hamburger helper hamburger mac and cheese and french fries.

I am wearing... Dark Blue sweats and a top with maroon flowers on it.

I am reading... emails and bloogs

I am hoping... That Jerry gets a call to go back to work, soon. Once we have more money comeing in, I can get back to a better diet.

I am hearing... The heater on the dog food box. The heater in Beth's room went out. (they really don't last more than a year or so) and I told her to take the one from this room my computer is in, and I would use the heater in the room Jerry sleeps in during the day and he can have it back at night. When we get our taxes in, I hope to buy a couple of heaters. One for her and one for us to have in the camper. WE have one there already, but it's two years old.

Around the house... I did a load of laundry and have enough to do another in the morning.

A few plans for the rest of the week... No plans as of yet. IF we get our tax money in, I'll do more food shopping.



Last night we had Fish stickes for dinner, Along with french fries and green beans.

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