Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nov 2011

Good Morning... and Hello. Well, Maybe I should say Good Afternoon, instead.  It's noon as I type this and I really have been a bit behind in writing. not a whole lot going on around us. Just the usual. Jerry working and me taking care of the pets and house.  We have a chance of rain tomorrow, and in a way, I hope that Jerry gets rained out, but then again.. that would mean that although he'll have two days off this week, they will not be together.  Sure wish they would be together. I did tell him, I would sort the laundry tomorrow and if he does get rained out, we could do it while he's off work and that would free up some of Saturday Night for us. I finally got the stuff outside the camper taken down.. The gel clings did melt a bit onto the side of the camper.. I figured on tossing them in the first place when I picked them up.. don't think I'll get more of that kind of decoration.  I put a "Command" hook on the side of the fan/vent over the stove to hang our Mesh sieve over. It's so large and takes up so much room in the drawer that I really needed someplace else to keep it.  Don't know how long it's going to stay there, but at least I know it is there. If it falls off. I'll look for a hook with a magnet back to it.
Outside my door ...  We have some high, light clouds. I have the door open and some of the windows.. The ones the cats havn't taken the screens out of (yet) 
The Dogs ... Got an extra walk this morning. Rocky needed out, because he didn't "poop" the first time we walked.  he finally figured out he needed to do that. So we walked around the driveway twice already this morning.  One of the pets is "using the bathtub" for it's bathroom. I'm not sure if it's Barney or one of the cats.. In a way, I'm hoping it's Barne cause it's easier to clean the tub that it is to keep cleaning "that" off the bathroom floor. Not sure if Beth would want the dog "going" in the tub, but on cold days it may be of a help to her, when I give him to her, next year. Yes, I'm still planning on having him trained and ready to go to Baby Heather, when they get their own house to live in.
The Cats ... Have been fed and watered, and kenneled and out again. They had a time of it, messing up the beds I had just made up this morning. Now they are going window to window, looking out. I have the taken the SunShields out of all but one and want to get that one out soon, as well. I want to try something this year.. I want to try using bublle wrap to insulate the window. Mainly because it would be easy to pick up a corner to look out and it's cheap enough as well.
From the kitchen...  Salad,baked chicken, Mashed potatos,  Sugar Free Jello with Pears (packed in natural juice) in it.
I am hearing... Y&R is on right now.. and I hear the breeze in the trees. A few times I'll hear a yappy small dog who lives up the hill from our row of camper.
I am wearing...  Dark Grey Sweat Pants and a white t-shirt.
I am reading...  Emails.
I am creating...
One of my favorite things...  Is feeling good. Good enough to want to get up and do "something". Not just sitting here, thinking of things I could or should be doing.
A few plans for the rest of the week...
Billie C.

"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research,
would it?"
- Albert Einstein

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