Monday, November 7, 2011

For Today... Nov 7

Good Evening...  Did you miss me over the weekend? Jerry had two days in a row off and we were hardly home long enough at any one time for me to get on-line.  We did the laundry Saturday and I had it folded and put away before we went to bed. I had to, I had washed all the blankets and sheets so I needed to put it away so I could make the beds. We found 2 out of 5 Geocaches we went looking for. A bit low average for us.. which is one reason we stopped looking when we did.  We were not the only ones out looking either. Jerry saw some Boy Scouts at one of the spots we had checked out, lookikng into a tree.. We found that one on Sunday.  Saturday, we ate breakfast at Bubba's Cafe in Cumberland City. They were finishing up the morning buffet.. Believe me, it wasn't much, but if you like buscuits, ham, sausage or bacon with you eggs and potatoes then it would be a good place for breakfast. Sunday we had breafast at Golden Corral.  I like going there cause I can get fresh Grapefruit with my breakfast.
I found a Geo cache that Jerry didn't find.  He'll have to go back and find it. I didn't have a pen with me to sign it and I was wore out from climbing the bit of hill. I was willing to go back up the hill with Jerry, but he had a need he had to take care.. that's why, if he gets rained out this week, he's to go find that on his own. I took a picture of it.
I found the first Cache we looked for on Saturday, as well... I was going by the clues Jerry told me.  and I spotted a good spot but Jerry had to go retrieve it.. It was a bit of a climb and I could see it, but not get to from where I was. I was able to talk Jerry to it, though. The other one we found was in a tree, I just don't have much luck looking in trees for caches.. and this one was hanging in plain sight. Jerry though he had lost his glasses on our third search.. so we went to Fred's and he got another pair of glasses. He cleaned up between the seats of the van while I was doing laundry and he found the pair he thought he had lost.
We picked up the new Susan Boyle CD. I love it. Most are songs from the past but are very well done. Susan sure has come a long way from her shy self of last year. I do hope that she can continue to thrive and will put out more great music. I especall like " Both Sides" now, a song I sang in choir, and "Someone to watch over me".
I "knew" there were words to Auntum leaves, but I never can seem to remember them.
Jerry let me shop at Hobby Lobby and I spent just over $50.. for me, that's a bit light.  I found several things on sale that I snatched up quick. A biker Santa. not on a bike but in his "leathers" and skull cap with Sunglasses on his head. Almost looks just like Jerry. I found the clear glass Ornaments and I have a friend in mind for a special one. Some plastic ones as well. I plan on putting some of the sand we picked up at "Gulf Shores" although they are way too large to go on our tree. I found a couple of ones to give to Beth for Baby Heather. I found the perfect topper for our tree, An angel, and some smaller angels to put into some cards I'll be sending this year. Picked up some felt to make pocket angels with. Now to get off my duff and make them.  I found a kit to make a gift for Jerry. Since he reads my blog, I can't tell what it is, just yet. found some leather scraps and have a couple of craft ideas for those, as well. . I fould key charms at Walmart and will be making "Magic Santa Keys" for all the Grands.. I'll bead up a lenght of beads long enough to slip over a doorknob. And will attach a note about how, since you don't have a chimney, Santa can use this special key to get into the house that no one else can use. That ,with his special touch, the key will grow into the right size and shape for the lock on their door. It's to be hung on the tree until Christmas Eve and when they put out the cookies and milk for Santa, they are to place the key on the outside of the door for Santa.  That reminds me. I may also make up a couple of baggies of Raindeer food. (Oatmeal, and glitter) to help entice the team to stay a bit longer for Sants to complete his work.
Oh man, was the weather wonderful over the weekend. Started off with Jackets but were quick to shed them by 9am.  And there are still enough leaves on the trees to make the roadways colorful enough to still be pretty. We are due for more rain mid week and I'm sure the wind will be knocking more leaves off
Today's weahter is going to be yet another great day. High in the upper 60's to maybe 70. I think I'll put the canopy on the frame this afternoon and work on a craft outside. either I'll sew up something or work on that project for Jerry or paint my wooden box I want to store some spices in.
We took the dogs with us Saturday morning and they loved it. Barney is learning that riding is fun and is not stressing about it any more. I'm guessing he was afraid he was going to another home the first time we took him out after we got him here, but now he's figured out the other two dogs are still around so he's going to be around as well. I know, it's going to be hard to give him to Baby Heather next year, but we are too full of pets to keep so many in here.  The cats have finally learned that if they don't get rowdy early in the morning, they are not put into a kennel after a potty break. They all curl up on the beds with the older dogs and go back to sleep. We still the Ninja races and they still want to try to get out the windows but they are not pushing it as much as they were last week. The one bad thing about having soo many pets is no one wants to rent to us. i tried calling a couple of places and I was too we had too many pets.. they are all fixed and i clean up after them, but 4 cats and 3 dogs just seem to be too many.
I'm still hoping that we can find a place out in the country where they don't care how many pets we have, as long as we are cleaning up after them.
tonighs dinner will be Salad, Pork Chops, Rice, Green Beans and maybe I'll make up some Sugar Free Pudding for dessert.
I have been eating Oatmeal for breakfast. I picked up some 1 cup snack cups so I can set up a weeks worth of cereal at one time and just need to grab one out of the cupboard and make it. Oatmeal, cinnamon, some dried fruit, go into the cup. the cup is the right size to pour in the juice I use, instead of water, to measure for making up the oatmeal.
I really do need to make Pumpking Butter from a couple of these pumpkins we got for Halloween. I need the room. I'll start that, after I get the crock pot out  from under the sink.
I am hearing... Morning news. right now, it's about Andy Roony. He only retired a few weeks ago. He really didn't have much time in retirement.  I'm also hearing about the Earthquakes in Oklahoma.
I am wearing... right now I'm still in my house dress. I'll be putting on sweat pants and a white tshirt in a bit.
I am reading... emails lots and lots of emails.
I am thinking...  about how many different things to make for Christmas, I need to make a list. brb.
Jerry.. that kit, and we heard of a GPS that you can wear on your wrist.. I may get him one of those.
Bailey.. I'm thinking of making her up a crafting box. A box of different things to make stuff with and sheets of ideas of things to make, with the stuff. Foam, glue, glitter, floss, rinestones, beads.. first I have to ask her Mom if that is ok (She reads my Morning notes as well, so Mom, what do you think?)
Not sure what I'll do for Corbin just yet.
I am thankful for... Being able to "make" things.  Love making things, it gives me pleasure to know that I can give a gift that I made.
I am hoping... To find out what to give to A few other's of my family.
I am creating... A list of things I need to work on

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