Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov 14, 2011

Good Afternoon... and Hello. We have had a change, again. Now that the time has "fallen" back, Where my hubby works and changed the start time for the day, instead of starting at 7 am.. he now starts at 6 am. So instead of getting up at 3:30 am. We are getting up at 2:30 am. If it was just his company then we wouldn't have changed what time we get up, but it's project wide. Sigh... once I'm awake and have cooked his breakfast, I'm awake for a while. This also means I'll be going to bed much earlier in the evening. Just like kids in school. I hate having to be in bed by 8 pm. It just doesn't seem like a great bedtime to me.
I'm really expecting Jerry home at any time because it's very windy out. they can not use the lifts in the wind like this. remember the Collage person who was killed trying to take a group picture.. they use that kind of lif. They can use ladders for some of the work, but only if it's near a wall and all the stuff they are working on is not near any walls right now.  I did suggest that maybe he teach some of the other's how to figure out the way to make the conduit bends. He does all the math in his head. but he also has the formulas on paper and that can be copyed and shared. Would be great if other's could learn how to do it like Jerry does.
I didn't get on line since mid morning Saturday until early this morning. I went back to bed for two hours at 5 am.  And I'm still not as awake as I should be.  My knee was giving me lots of trouble yesterday.. Today it's much easier.  But I soaked the bed with sweat last night. I mean I haven't had night sweats like that in a couple of years, now. So now, I have to change my sheets and air out the mattress I sleep on.
Barney is on restrictions with me. I'm not allowing him past the kitchen doorway to the bedroom area. When he's not on a lead, he's in the kennel, I want him to understand that the whole house is off limits as a potty area for him. Not just the front.  I did take him out at 11:15 for an extra break, and he peed like he should have, I let him eat since the other two dogs got to eat, but then it was back in the kennel.  I'm slowly getting the camper cleaned up. Usually I've gotten most of it done by this time of the day, but today, I'm just dragging.
The cats have been behaving. Only one front to back run and then I yelled and they stopped. Now they are sitting at the back window looking out. I have a bit of trouble keeping them from staying at the screen door looking out all the time.
I'm going to cook a piece of roast in the table top oven today. I'll add a couple of potatoes to the side and maybe open a can of green beans as well as have a salad.  not sure what dessert may be, if we have one at all.
I am hearing... Of course I have the tv on. Y&R is almost 1/2 done. Someone else was making lots of noise outside earlier. Sawing and hammering, and then playing music (if you could call "that" music) very loud. I had to turn up the tv to drown out that mess.  At least now it's been turned down.
I am wearing... brown sweat pants and a white tshirt. We did the laundry yesterday instead of Saturday night. When we drove past on Saturday, we saw the place crowded. Well...  yah.. it was almost 2 hours earlier than when we usually go there. It wasn't too bad when we went on Sunday afternoon, but by the time we left it was getting very crowded.
I am creating... I need to work on some cards I thought of making. I printed off some pictures and now need to Modge Podge them to card stock to make Thanksg giving cards. I only have enough for 9 cards.
One of my favorite things... I found out, for sure, that my oldest Grand daughter is much like me. She wants to learn how to "Make Stuff". I'm putting together a small kit of things for her to work with.

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