Friday, November 18, 2011

Nov 18

Hello.  I know, it's been a couple of days since I've written much of anything. Jerry had a 1/2 day rain out and then a full day rain out this past week. Next weeks paycheck isn't going to be looking too good. Looks like he may get a rain out this next week as well. I hope not since He'll have 4 days off for Thanksgiving, but if he does, he does.

We ran out of propane on our heater this morning, after Jerry left for work. I'll go buy a tank from Momma D this afternoon, when I know she's up and moving around. We will have to get our 30 pound tank filled on Jerry's next day off. Wether it's a rain out day or just a day off. I have been asking him to just take the tanks and get both topped. Hopefully we can do that before we run out of propane on the tank I use to cook with.  I used a burner on the stove to break the chill in here this morning. As long as the sun is out, it will stay comfortable for the rest of the day..
 Macon is laying at my feet, shivering. I keep telling him to go get on a bed, it would be warmer.
After three or four days of grey clouds and rain, today's sunshine is very welcomed.  It's so nice to see Blue Sky again.  I'll take each of the dogs for an individual walk this afternoon. I did that yesterday, took me a while, of course.  I had to rest between the last two dogs to give my knee a rest, but they each do so well when it was just one with me. 
I got a new vacum cleaner and it's does a great job. I still have to sweep up the top layer but it really does get the dog hair up off the floor and off my blanket that really was badly covered in dog hair, again.

Dinner last night was Beef Strognoff. Not my favorite but it was in a box and I had the burger I needed to use up.  Jerry is suppose to check at Walmart on the price of their turkeys and if he can find a nice small one, bring it home with him.  it's going to be interesting to see how well things are going to cook this year.
 I had an electric heater on in the bathroom. warming up the back of the camper and had on the microwave for my oatmeal, and lost power (again) Oh man, We did not have this trouble in Tupelo, and  rarely did I have to flip that breaker. And I didn't have this much trouble in Jackson Alabama either, that I can recall.  I wish we had 50 amp service in here and so would not be flipping breakers as much ( I think) but changing it, is out of the qustion. Jerry says it would take too much to change it over.

Darn it. I mis-read what Macon needed.. he peed on Jerry's bed and now I have to go wash all his blankets. Ugh. Just came back in from taking the dogs out.  Found a Barney mess, he had to have done it as I was untangling the other two just as I was opening the door.. Ugh.  Now I'll have to spray the whole floor with lysol. Jerry found two dog messes on the floor when he got up this morning.  At least it will smell clean in here.
Tomorrow is trash day.. I'll have plenty to go in the trash this time.  Trash is picked up three times a week here. I really wished they had a dumpster, Then I could just take it myself and not expect to have Mike pick it up, something during the day. Some times he's out at 7 am and other times, he's not getting to it until after 2pm. 

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