Friday, November 11, 2011

Damm IT !!!

$%^& It !!!  I just had a   H e l l   of a time with my dogs because some idiot on the lower level let their small dog out. No one watching it. No one calling it back and it was not on a line. I'm so steamed right now
I had to walk my dogs. There is no place up here to walk my dogs, Only over by the lake side. Or behind the lower Level. Even if we had headed up by the road sign that small dog would have followed us. Which would have put it in more danger. 
MY dog, on leads, Still tried to go after it. I have no idea if they would have just sniffed butts or would have attacked it. They sure wanted to chase it the first time it ran off. and my dogs about got away from me this time. 
I'm out there yelling and screaming and no one comes to help me. NO ONE !!!.   I Know MOMMA D and Kim are on the other side of the house from me.  I know that ,when they play music on that side of the house I don't hear it on my side of her house, but I also know that some one else heard me cause she came out looking, then went back inside. I asked her if this was her dog. No.
I saw Momma D and asked if she knew where it belonged?  No, but she'll find out and tell them to stay with it, or put on a line outside. 
ARrgh... oh how I hate it when people dis regard the rules around here !!!!  Because Momma D does not have her dog on a line, other's think it's ok for them to break the rule. At least most of them stay out with their dog, or have it on a line. 
Billie C.

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