Monday, November 21, 2011

Nov 20

as you can see, I wrote this yesterday.. but didn't have internet until this afternoon.
Hello, again..
I woke up just before the alarm went off. Got Jerry his breakfast.   Took the dogs out, read a few emails, and then went back to bed. Got back up around 7.  Still feeling lousy, but not as lousy as I was on Friday.
It's raining and I'm in hopes that Jerry won't have to work 10 hours.. the forecast I saw earlier this morning showed heavy raind from 10 am on through 5pm... and tomorrow will be even more rain.  My next door neighbor needs a couple of prayers, please.  She was running from the front door of Momma D's house around the corner to her house, and ran right into the air conditioner that is up high.. she hit her head hard, and was bleeding.. It's about 1/2 an inch long and it's got a gap. I told her, I'd see about getting a stitch or two cause it is the scalp.
Her boyfriend was afraid to look at it for her. I'd rather see her go in and not need stitches than to not go in, and have an infection. Expectably since it's fairly deep (for the Scalp) and gaping. 
She even brought me Gloves to check her head with.  Ha ha.. I'd a done it any way. I could have easily done that without getting close to it.. I just had to move some hair out of the way. I brought out the Hydrogen Peroxide but she didn't want it.  What a way to start the week, right? At least she now knows I'm not squeamish.  Poor Chet,, he was terrified to look at it for her. Men, (outside my brother) Seem to just can't handle when a loved one gets hurt, at all.  Thom can handle it. Not sure if Andy could or not, but I'm sure he'd quickly take care then would go faint, at least shaky. Family trait is we handle the situation, then get upset stomach and the shakes.

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