Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ut Oh, cat in trouble

One of the cats is in trouble. Seems someone found a baby rabbit, was petting it. put it on the ground and one of my cats caught it and brought it home (under the camper) The person who told me about it is a bit upset cause he and his wife had just been petting this rabbit.
My question is.. why are they petting a baby rabbit, why is it away from it's Momma's nest?  Don't they know that the momma won't take it back now that it has the smell of humans all over it?
Why does this make my cat a bad cat? Well because they saw it catch the baby rabbit. The man said something about he doesn't understand why the owner / manager doesn't ask me to keep my cats inside. By the way. The owner likes my cats. they let him pet them.
I've got the baby inside, in a small dishpan. waiting to see if it will get over the shock or not. either way, the cats are not getting it back.
Some people think rabbit's are cute little things and other see them as a pest cause they tear up gardens and eat the food and flowers. I don't know which side of this fence the owner is going to be on.

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