Monday, August 20, 2012

Ah Man

Ah Man.... The American Queen Steam boat is in Chattanooga !!! I want to go see it !!! I think on my bucket list should be A Steamboat Trip. 
I wrote about the American Queen before.  (  )  I just love the memory I have of my Mom looking into the cabins while one of the steamships went through Nick a Jack Locks. For two reasons. I got her out on the lock in the first place although she was shaking. that the fact that not only did she face her fear, she over came it and enjoyed herself. She even looked over the side at the roiling water and didn't get sick like she thought she would. My Mom had a great fear of water. She never did figure out why. She never learned how to swim. She did get in the Pacific Ocean, but only up to her knees. I wish I had a picture of her doing that. I heard about it, from my grandmother, who took me out far enough that I cried when the water lapped my diaper.  I heard about that, as well, Many times.
American Queen - Underway

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