Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Scam Call

I just got this email from a friend...
 I have been getting a scam call. I dismissed it the first time. Then I decided to check it out the next. Someone called my cell phone (we use it as our home phone -- even though we have an actual land line). It's a Washington, DC number. They say that I've qualified for a government grant and that they just need an account to transfer the money to. I can be checking, savings, credit card, or even a pre-paid card. As soon as I give them the info, she says they'll transfer me to someone where I'll get a confirmation number and a phone number to call back if there's problems. I've told them twice now that if they can put it on a pre-paid card that I already have, they can go ahead and get a prepaid card themselves and just send it to me. So, I googled the phone #. Others are getting the same call. I guess they ask for money (anywhere from $150 to $500) for whatever reason (charity, taxes, etc.) before you can get your $8,000. And you never get your $8,000.

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