Thursday, August 30, 2012

quick note

I took a tub outside and put some water in it today so the dogs could get wet. Only Barney wanted to play in the water. I would toss in a small pebble and he would dive into the water for it. He picked up 4 different ones before he got tired of that game. Next time, I'm going to have the water deeper for him. Macon hardly put his toes in. Rocky not even that close.


Lilac Dreams said...

Sounds like fun, I so enjoy reading your craft letter and blog.

How Did your garden survive the move, I think I missed that somewhere since I have had a hectic two weeks.

Mountainrose said...

I left most of my garden behind. I was right in doing so as the hours in the van while we were buying new tires for the trailer would have been the death of them. I kept Aloe, Sea onion and Hen and chicks. The Hen and Chicks have died.