Friday, August 10, 2012

Finished !!

I have just finished three of the caps I want to make for my SIL. I sent her one a few weeks ago. to check for the fit. I wanted to be sure it was a good fit before I made any more of them for her. She loves that first one as it's comfortable and adjustable and not a Hat.
I didn't take a picture of that first cap, but sent it off as soon as I could.  I had cut out 4 caps before we left Cumberland City, But didn't get them sewed together until this week.  I just finished the last part and took pictures of them. Forgive the cola bottle as it was the only thing I could think of to put them on to show them off a bit.
I will make her a black one (per her request) as soon as I pick up more material.
Here is the side view and below is the front view of the brown one.
Not knowing what colors she would like to wear, I chose a couple of other colors for her, as well. I liked this washed out blue and I hope she likes it, as well. Having survived so far, I am in hopes she would want to wear something with some color to it.
Now this last one. I told her I was making it. That she could wear it as a warning that her temper is up.  Tell me what you think of it.
I just love the fireworks on it.


April said...

Nice. Did you make your own pattern for them?

Caroline said...

Hi Billie
I adore sewing, and these caps look great - but I am wondering what are they for in particular?
Love your blog and read it often!
Love Caroline xxx

Mountainrose said...

I got the pattern from this site