Friday, August 3, 2012

Aug 3, Afternoon

I ended up taking a morning nap for about an hour. Didn't plan on it but I did feel a bit more rested when I woke up. I've been working on getting the back of the camper cleaned up and We are almost there. I have the laundry on Jerry's bed and just  "stuff" on mine. Stuff that I need to find a place to keep it at
I did play ball with Barney for a few minutes this afternoon. Just before we got a little rain.
I got the dishes all done up, (I think) there is still a few things under the sink I need to deal with but it's all small stuff, and can wait a day or two.
Outside My Door...  (5pm) We had clouds all day long. Which helped to keep it cooler here in the camper.  The afternoon pee break for the dogs went well. It wasn't too hot, but we were all happy to get back inside after just a few minutes.
The Dogs.. as I said, enjoyed a few minutes outside. I need to take them for two walks a day soon. Not just a break to pee but a walk as well will do us all some good.
The Cats... haven't started bugging me yet. about their dinner but I'm sure they will soon.  It's almost that time of the evening and I'm sure they would like to eat something today. Something ate the dry food I had out and I am now using that bowl for a water dish for them. I need to find the other bowls I have to feed them out of.
I haven't started dinner just yet. As soon as Jerry calls I'll get on that. Salad is easy, I'll use our Foreman Grill for two pork chops and just have to boil the water for the instant potatoes. No dessert tonight.
I am hearing... the news from Knoxville on CBS. I got to watch y & R today, as well as General Hospital.  I'm still trying to figure out who is who on that show. I know my step-mom use to watch GH all the time.
I am reading. A few more emails and a couple of chapters of "Camp Follower"
Around the house

Watered my plants (all 4 of them)
talked to both girls
read some emails. stored most on my computer
Took the dogs out,
Played ball with Barney
pulled the pork chops out, for dinner
Put the curtain up in the kitchen/ bedroom doorway
put away more items that are out of place in the kitchen.
Cleaned out the blue tub that "everything" got put into.  Now I have to find a place for two bundles. One of jean material and one of cotton material, that I picked up to make caps for my SIL. I now plan on doing all the sewing tomorrow since I now have a cleaned up home.

Billie C.

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