Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Felt Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Felt Cookie Cutter Ornaments

By: Melba Rhodes for Buggalcrafts

There are tons of crafts to make using cookie cutters, like these Felt Cookie Cutter Ornaments! These cute felt ornaments can be made with a sewing machine or a glue gun...whichever technique you prefer. These would be cute on packages, too!

Felt Cookie Cutter Ornaments


  • Fabric or Felt
  • Cotton or fiberfill or quilt batting
  • Trims: lace, rick-rack, ribbon, yarn, etc.
  • Embellishments: buttons, beads, etc.
  • Large cookie cutters
  • Newsprint
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine or needle & thread (if sewing)
  • Thread (if sewing)
  • Fabric glue (if gluing)
  • Paper clips (if gluing)


  1. Trace each cookie cutter onto newsprint to make a pattern.

    Felt Cookie Cutter Ornaments
  2. Double the fabric with the patterned side on the outside for both sides and then pin the pattern to holiday fabric (such as a Christmas calico) or felt so that you cut out two matching pieces for each shape.

    Felt Cookie Cutter Ornaments
  3. With the right (patterned) sides together, sew each ornament by hand or machine, leaving a small space open for turning. If gluing, apply a line of fabric glue around the wrong side edge of the bottom shape.
  4. Turn ornament right side out.
  5. Stuff lightly with cotton or fiberfill.
  6. Hand-stitch the opening closed.
  7. Cut several slightly smaller shapes from the batting (make a copy of the pattern and then trim it down about 3/4ths of an inch. Also cut several squares of batting that fit in the center of the batting shapes to give a little more dimension to the ornament.
  8. Lay quilt batting in the center of the shape. Or place a ball of cotton or fiberfill in the center of the shape.
  9. Decorate with felt shapes, buttons, ribbon, rick rack or lace as desired.

    Felt Cookie Cutter Ornaments
  10. Sew a yarn, ribbon or string loop at the top of each ornament and it's ready to hang on the Christmas tree.

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