Friday, August 17, 2012

Surprise.. pictures

The manager of the campground found a Great Surprise in his pasture this morning. His Mini Horse has a baby. They have named her Rosemary. She is so cute. I'll take pictures in a bit. I thought the mare was Waxing (coating over her teats) When he walked her past Rocky a few days ago. (last weekend I think it was) But didn't mention it. She, like most mini, was very plump. They have had her about 10 months so they got a two for, when they bought her. That baby is so cute. Great markings on her. Mom, of course, is a bit worn out. I didn't get too close as I'm a stranger, but others have been right up to the area he's put them in, and petted both. He said the baby came right up to him. (wonderful) He has handled her already and she's just a darling. I bet she's going to be easy to train.

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