Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Aug 7, 2012

Aug 7, 2012
We had a time of it, last night.  Heather Called. Jerry's last pay check was at her house, plus another letter. Beth called her dad. Can he lend her some money for diapers (of course)
I had left my phone in the van, so he couldn't call me and let me know to not start supper, cause we needed to meet Heather in Dayton TN (about an hours drive away) Well, that was easy enough to deal with when he got in. I asked him to walk the dogs while I took care of dinner. Putting the lettuce in a bowl (I tear it instead of using a knife most of the time so it should turn brown on me) finished making the instant mashed potatoes, and put them in a glass bowl, covered, in the fridge. And after searing the second side of the chicken, placed it in a baking pan, then covered with foil, so I can bake it this afternoon for our dinner.
Out the door, On our way. almost.  GPS needs to know where we are going.. seems neither one of us are very good at spelling. I finally get the spelling correct and pick shortest route so we are not going up I 70, to turn onto I40, then turning back south on US 27. (the road the longest yard sale is on each year)
Hey, I figured it out. and we are set. Jerry picked up a couple of diet cola's and something to snack on, and we are on our way. No troubles getting there. although there is a one lane bridge with a light at each end. Max 3 minute wait according to the sign. it was almost that long.
It didn't take us near as long as Jerry thought it would to get to the Wal-mart in Dayton. So we called Heather... they are still a ways out. I think we waited about 15 mintues before they get there.
While Jerry is cashing his checks, I take the grandkids and we go shopping. First off, we pick out a couple of things to send Baby Heather, for her birthday. A teether with a monkey face on it, and a sleeper that has lots of cats on it. And another teething item, plastic keys with Moneky, lion and Elephant faces on them.
Then it's off to find some school clothes for both kids.
Of course every thing had been really picked through. But I did find 2 tops, a skirt and shorts for Bailey. We found a couple of nice shirts for Corbin. I picked up a couple of crew neck men's shirts for me and Jerry picked up 4 or 5 pocketed tshirts for himself.  We then split up again and I take Bailey over to the sewing department. We found a couple of different material for a dress and a skirt. Pick out patterns, then wait and wait and wait some more before someone Finally comes over to cut my material. My feet were hurting by the time the gal came to cut the material for me. and she had to stop and answer someone else's question.  But now I have enough material to make a dress and skirt for my grand daughter that she picked out. Jerry was sure ready for us to leave and come back home by then. We talked just  bit outside, in the parking lot. Plans are to visit soon. Maybe the grand kids can come for a over night visit soon. Not sure where they would sleep in here, but I'm sure we could figure that out.
Anyway, time for everyone to leave. The kids have school today, and Jerry and I have to get up early so he can get to work. Dinner was at Arby's. I had the Ruben combo and Jerry had a double roast beef sandwich combo. Jerry ended up buying a second sandwich. We are doing well, going back the same way we came out. About 7 miles from home. Traffic is to a crawl.. We see blue flashing light, but nothing is stopped, just very slow. I roll down the window and ask some ladies standing by the road, what's going on... oh, they are moving some large piece of equipment. We remembered seeing a large tube type of thing on the side of the road, but thought it was stopped for the night. Usually something that large is not allowed to be moved at night for safety reasons. I mean this thing is HUGE.  good thing it was turning right as we were needing to turn left. We were home by 10:30. Jerry showered and headed to bed while I took the dogs out, and took care of a few other things before going to bed myself.
I am thinking of making this cake, for dinner.. but then gain. if I use the oven, it's going to get warm in here and it taks too long to cool off.
Poor man cake
1/2 C Lard
2 C Sugar
2 1/2 C Flour
1/2 c Cocoa
1 tsp Baking Soda
1 tsp Vanilla
1 C Hot Water
1 Tbls Vinegar
Cream Sugar and lard. Sift together flour, Cocoa and Baking Soda combine vinegar, water and vanilla.
Add each in parts to the creamed sugar mixture. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 to 45 minutes.
From my childhood. Love this cake, it is a heavy cake. We never gav mom a chance to ice it, but any icing will work on it...
So far today. I've
taken care of Jerry and breakfast
took the dogs out
cleaned the bathroom
made the beds
posted to my Christmas blog, after fixing a glitch in the email address
read emails
fed the dogs
sorted out our purchases from last night
done the few dishes
walked the dogs
cleaned up in the kitchen, still lots to go.
cleaned up the front area of the camper, (poop scooped, cat food cans ect)

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