Monday, August 27, 2012

Good Monday Morning

Hello ...  I had an intresting weekend. Of course not a lot going on during the day on Saturday since Jerry had to work. But we met up with Donna and her Hubby, Larry and went to "The Dinner Bell" for dinner. It's buffet style home cooking. Jerry and I had planned on doing the laundry after dinner but we ended talking for over 2 hours so we put off laundry until Sunday.  While we were going back to The Dinner Bell for breakfast Sunday morning Jerry had me look up the Closest Wal-Mart. Well it looked like we were going to be turned around and headed back to Athens and we didn't want to do that. I thought I had reset the GPS for All stores and the closest was said it was a Fabric Outlet Store.. OH Yeah.. my kind of place. When we left after Breakfast, we started following the directions on the GPS. Well I knew that the GPS said the Fabric Store was less than 2 miles away. Um.. we didn't turn.. So.. well... we don't have much else to do, really.. we will go where the GPS is taking us. To the Madisonville Wal-mart. I found out they have a good fabric department. Not as Good as the one in Athens but close. I picked up three different materials and a pattern I had been looking for. One is a light weight denim. another more like Cambry and one a cotton print. I also got an Anti bark collar and the pet food, as well as a few other things. Jerry said they had a computer and thought about getting it. Well, the more he thought about it, the more he wanted it. But we had left there and we did the laundry in Sweetwater. From doing the laundry we also did our shopping. While I went inside, Jerry called his sister to see how she is doing (Great by the way, thanks for all the extra prayers, everyone) But forgot to ask if she liked the fireworks crafts. Mary is having trouble with a computer. Now that it's time for school to be back in session, her grand daughter will need access but the one they have, won't turn on. Hum.. Jerry suggests a few things we know work and none of them work. Well. it seems that sometime in the past some water got inside and shorted the mother board. It will have to be replaced. Mary had been out of work since spring and things are very tight. That was the push Jerry needed to go ahead and buy that new computer and we will send Mary his old one.
The best laid plans. Athens is a bit larger, a bit closer and he didn't want to drive back to Madisdonville. So we go to Athen's Wal-mart. I ended up buying more material. Osenburg, muslin and some other cotton. I hope to make a new shift from the cotton. Use the muslin to make the first jumper, to check for fit and adjust the pattern to fit me. and the Osenburg, I want to make Jerry a hunters shirt circa 1700's.   Anyway. Athens does not have the computer Jerry wanted. I ended up sitting by the door for about 45 minutes waiting for him to have costomer Service call the Cleveland store. They were on hold for 30 minutes. When the store Manager found out, he called his wife who is at the Cleveland Store (working) and asked her to take her phone to the department where computers are sold. Well, at least we found out that Cleveland has the computer Jerry wants. So now. we are off to Cleveland. Yeah, I went to the fabric department but decided I better not buy any more fabric until I get what I have made into things. Jerry got his computer and it was time to eat dinner. We ate at Denny's. Now, I'm not a huge fan of Denny's.  I refuse to go back to the one in North Kansas City. and it's been years since I was in that one. The one in Virginia was ok, but not all that friendly when we were then in 1999.  So I was a bit leary of going, but there have been a lot of ads on the TV and Jerry said we would try it. Really, it's a bit pricey for a burger and fries but they were good. We were the third table in there. Not busy at all.  Jerry orderes their Fried Pancake puppy's. Not the strawberry ones but the plain ones. He was brought the strawberry ones. While we were there, a pickup order was messed up. and like I said. They were not really busy. But it was relaxed and not stressed out like the other two felt like when we had gone to those. I'm sure that they staff enjoyed the strawberry pancake puppy's that were made.
We did watch Ice Road Truckers last night. But that made it a late night since it didn't go off until 11 pm. 
So far this morning, I've taken care of a few small things. took the dogs out, went for a short walk around to the office and back to the camper. ran dish water. planned menu's for the week. So much to still get up and do that I better send this off and get on that. First is the dishes, then cleaning up in the back.  (bathroom, made the bed, put away the laundry) then I'll see what I still feel like working on.

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