Monday, August 13, 2012

Our weekend

Our weekend was relaxing. Jerry had left half an hour early from work on Friday to try to get his check cashed  Pay day is Thursday but Wal-Mart will not cash a hand written check.  He had turned back in the check he had received when he discovered an over payment of his Per Diem. When he got to the bank on Friday, he was 2 mintues too late to go inside the lobby to get it cashed. The only Lobby opened in this bank Chain on a Satureday is in Cleveland TN.  He had called work when he discovered he would have to wait until in the morning to cash his check. You don't mess with Jerry's money.
 We ate at a hole in the wall Restaurant that had lots of horse and mule items inside. Breakfast was good, but they didn't have any pancakes.
I took this picture  outside the bank, while I was waiting for Jerry to come out.
We went back to the camper, and let the dogs potty, then we were off again.
 I had seen signs for The Cherohala Skyway. and wanted to check it out. It's a newer byway and it is nice. I tried to take several pictures out the window of the van. Some came out ok
But first we stopped at a scenic pull out.  As a kid, I use to  draw pictures of mountain ranges. Mostly colored in purpl crayons. never in my dreams did I know I was drawing The Great Smokey Mountains.  I was happy to show my Mom, when she came to visit when our older two kids Graduated High school, The Mountains from Lookout Mountain in Chattannooga TN. This is even better and closer to what I had drawn as a kid.
I just love looking out and seeing the mountains going on and on.
Then we went up to
The road follows the river and we could see it from both sides of the van. There are several turnouts but almost all of them were full of people who got there earlier than we did.  Next time.   I want to take the dogs and our swim suits.  This would be a great place to take our grandkids if /when they get to come visit us.
We stopped at Ingels to do the food shopping. I didn't need any meats and we still spent over $70 for the two of us. Fruit, Fresh Vegetables, cola's and such.
Sunday. We ate Breakfast at Shoney's. I know I saw a laundry mat in Athens.  Well, it wasn't the building I thought it was in but we found it, and it was busy. I "Know" I saw a laundry in Niota, but we didn't find it on our way back toward the camper.  We ended up in Sweetwater, to do the laundry. I had to wash the blankest and some of them now feel stiff. I'll try re-washing them before giving them away. I don't know if I dried them too hot, or if there was something in the machines that got on them.
Back to the house, take the laundry in and put it on the beds for me to fold up later. We then took the dogs out. Then put them in the van and took off again. I wish I could show you pictures of Fort Loudon Dam. but  I can't get them off my camera.  I forgot to put the mico disk back in it.
We expected to see a over look with signs and informational boards. We didn't find any at all. We took some back roads for a while, then turned on the GPS and used that to get back home with.  

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