Sunday, August 26, 2012

Aigust Weekend

What a weekend. Jerry had to work Saturday and we met up with Donna  O'Daniel and her Hubby Larry, and had a great time. We ate dinner at The Dinner Bell and took 2 hours. Great company and good food. We put off doing the laundry until this morning.  First though, we found the Wal-mart in Madisonville. I picked up some material and a patter that I hope will fit me. I want a jumper. this pattern also has pants so I hope at least one will fit. Jerry saw a computer he watned but didnt want to pick it up.  But after talking to his Sister,  He decied he had to have a new computer and will send her his laptop.  So, off to Athens we go, assuming they had the same deal. Nope. they didn't have that computer. So we headed to Cleveland and found one there. While in Athens, I picked up some more material.  Not that I plan on making a lot of jumpers, but I want something new to wear. I'll be picking up some men's sweat pants this fall as I do every year now. And turn some of the older, thinner ones into shorts next spring.  If the pants part of the pattern fits me well enough, I'll make shorts next spring with that pattern.  (maybe)
I bought more plastic storage containers and a smaller set of drawers. if they fit where I want, I'll pick up yet another set of drawers, all for small stuff that keeps getting in my way, until I need it then I can't find it. (typical, right?) 
Some of the material I picked up, I think I'll make me another set of pockets to wear under a pettycote.  The last pocket I made, I made the opening too small for my own hand. I can't remember if I already gave it to my grand daughter or not.  I did see some material I would love to make another pettycote out of. A dark maroon but at almost $8 a yard, will have to wait until at least next week.

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