Friday, August 3, 2012

Aug 3, 2012 , Morning For Today ..

Aug 3, 2012

For Today ...
Staying up, after Jerry left for work. tired but that should change as the sun comes up. Or I'll end up taking a nap.
We now have TV. Some one figured out which line outside was the local cable. Now I get to figure out what number each station is.

Outside my door ... (almost 7) Still dark out. Sounds like thunder. A good chance of rain this morning with a high around 88 today. 
(11am) Very cloudy and humid. I hope we get some rain, The clouds are nice, since we have no shade. I have the windows open and the vents open and the door open. It's a bit warm, but I am not uncomfortable (yet) A nice slight breeze is helping to "blow the stink" out of the camper.
The Dogs ... are adjusting well to this new place. I found an area they can poop in and I don't have to clean it up. All weeds and out of the way. Macon did "leave" me a pile to clean up this morning while we were walking but it wasn't in a bad place, I just didnt have anything to pick it up with so had to come up the hill, put the dogs in the kennels, get a couple of bags and my pooper scooper and go back down the hill, then back up the hill.
The Cats ... are making friends around here. With the windows open they are coming in and going out. They went with us as I took the dogs for their walk. It's still funny to walk all 6 animals at the same time.
From the kitchen... Salad, instant Mashed Potatoes, boneless Pork Chops, on the Foreman Grill.
I am hearing... Ah, The View right now. An hour (2 really since we crossed the time line) later than when we were in Cumberland City. The fans, and I'm waiting for the air to cycle on. I have it on energy saver, and set to not come on until it's around 77.
I am wearing... Black Cut off sweat pant Shorts, The Tshirt that Bailey Splatter painted for me. A white with different color swirls on it.
I am reading... emails... and I started a "new" book on my kindle, "Camp Follower: A Mystery of the American Revolution (it's fiction)
Around the house...
emptied the tub by the fridge (food stuff)
typed up 3 recipes
posted a recipe to recipe groups
made a pot of coffee.
took a nap on the couch
meds and breakfast
took the dogs out, walked the left loop. Cats joined us
had to go back and clean up a mess Macon left behind.
talked to the campground manager for a few. swapping animal stories
wrote up the channel stations of the cable
sort the dirty clothes in the bathtub
opened the vents and windows.
(Cleaning the bathroom)
cleaned the bathroom
 Scrubbed the tub, sink, john
 Cleaned off the counter
 swept the floor
sorted laundry
cleared Jerry's side, closet
did a quick check of closet on my side
swept the closet and bedroom area, ready to carpet sprinkle and vac.

Billie C.

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