Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1

I've been up twice now. First time was to make erry's breakfast and walk the dogs, Second time was at a more reasonable hour of 7am.  Where I took care of me, walked the dogs and took a few pictures before starting my day of cleaning up the messes in here.
I do need to change sheets on the beds today. the dogs have them a mess and I need to re-arrange a few things back there, as well.  Ah, We finally got rid of that one printer that doesn't work well. Well, it's in the van and out of the camper.. don't know how much further that it's going to get.
After Breakfast, I took the dogs out again, let Macon and Barney run a little bit, but they wouldn't come when called so their fun was cut short.
The cats want outside so bad.  I don't allow them out. They are running from the back window to the door and back again, looking for birds
After yesterday morning's rain and wind, today is soo nice. Our high will be in the low 70's and I love it. I hope the next walk with the dogs goes well.
I'm making hambuger patties for dinner tonight. I'll fry up some baked potatoes and of course we will have salad.
It was nice to hear the birds while we were walking, but the fun thing was the squrills were out, and they are making lots of noise. I had to stop the dogs to see what was making such a ruckus in the wood near the pumphouse. A rather large Grey Squirl was over there, jumping around on things. 
I am wearing... my blue flowered top, a colorful bandana and dark grey sweat pants.
Yesterday I wore black cut off shorts and a t-shirt I painted up a few days ago.

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