Monday, March 12, 2012

For Today...

For Today...
Good Morning... (5am)
Up early, as usual.. to make breakfast for Jerry and send him on his way to work. He leaves so very early, just so he can park close to the gate. That walking out in the afternoon can be a very long walk when your tired.
So far, after making his breakfast and taking the dogs out, I've been checking emails on my other AOL name.  Good thing I did, as I found out I was about to repost a craft that I posted last week in my newsletter. Oops, don't want to do that too often.
When I took the dogs out, it was drizzling a bit of rain. Even with the rain it was nice and warm and I didn't need my jacket at all. We went to a different Wal-Mart yesterday and I found their discount clothing area. I picked up a couple of tops for my older Grand daughter, and four tops for me. Well, sweatshirts and I plan on turning two of them into jackets by cutting them up the front and then crocheting around the edges and maybe around the cuffs as well. I find I need more than just a couple of jackets sometimes.  I  doubt that I'll need much more than a light jacket over the next few days, even at 4am each morning. We are expecting high's in the 70's all week and lows over-night in the mid 50's. I've put my Elephant Ear plant outside and can hope that it can now stay outside until next fall.
I picked up some garden soil to put in some kitty litter jugs that I cut the tops off of so I can have a bit of garden. Now I need to find my seeds and see what I have. I wonder if Poppy's will grown well in a container. I'm going to find out. I want to pick up a couple of tomato plants, as well. The intresting thing will be transporting them if/when we move the camper, again.
I finally found a couple of pans that fit into my tabletop oven.  Heather keeps getting the pans that I bought that don't fit. I also picked up a fresh strainer and drainboard for the kitchen. These are red, which matches the color of the counters and are smaller.
The cats are still looking for and calling for Smokey. When the door is open, they sit at it, looking for him. He was always trying to excape outside and roam for a while. He would return, but a couple of times, he got stuck up on a camper and would have to be rescued.  He was the worst for scratching where he knew he would get in trouble. The ends of the beds. It's been different not having to yell his name and "quit" while squirting water at him for doing that, looking at me the whole time as if to say.. "I did it before you could get me."
I have both Chicken and Hamburger in the fridge. I think I'd best cook the Chicken today. I'll either bake it in the oven or use the Foreman grill to cook it. Not sure if I'll fix potatoes or a noodle dish to go with it. I could go with rice, but rice is not high on Jerry's "like" list.
I am hearing... Early Morning News show. Rocky snoring while he's sleeping by me, on the couch
I am wearing... my blue housedress, Once I shower and change my clothes, I'll take a webcam picture. I may even post it.
I am reading... Mostly emails. I did read a chapter out of a 1800's monthly magazine yesterday. It was free from Amazon for Kindle and I've downloaded several. I want to see what people were reading back then and what they thought kids should be reading, as well
I am creating... I'm more waiting for my power cord to be sent to me from Heather so I can use my Cricut. I'm looking for the program SCAL 2.. the SCAL3 will not work with Cricut, according to everything I've read and finding the 2 version is proving to be a bit difficult. I do have a couple of St. Patrick day items I need to put up today. Better late than never at all. I have a pack of Shamrocks and I want to put one on the screen door, facing out, one on the cabnet end, over the stove, one over the T.V. and maybe one over the couch in the space between the slidding doors.

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