Tuesday, March 13, 2012

For Today...March 13, 2012

For Today...March 13, 2012

Hello. It's going to be a partly cloudy day and the high is suppose to be in the upper 70's today. We left the vents up and the windows open over-night. We slept very well. Got woke up by all the noise the birds were making this morning. That and a small dog barking. I think it was Dixie's little dog.  I am thinking of putting the cover on the canopy today and sit outside for a while. Wether I'll be making something or reading is still up in the air. I do need to straighten up outside, so I'll have to work on that, as well.

I took the dogs along the edge of the woods this morning, I didn't plan on it but it just looked so pleasant that I just had to. Of course we first walked along the lake's edge.  I found a Daffodil that is hidden  over the edge of the bank, and of course, the dogs thought it was their duty to pee on it.  I saw lots of "Forget me Not's" while we were walking along the woods edge as well.  We didn't spend too much time in the field though. The dogs didn't want to pay attention and I was getting tired of untangling the lines. So we came back to the camper via the longer way.

I have two cats in Kitty Jail and the third is about to rejoin them. They were just won't stay out of the over-head storage above my bed. There isn't anything for them, up there, it's stuffed. I need to bring in the steps so I can straighten up in there again.  I know I have some room, I just have to find it. (ha ha)  I am ready to go see the Grand kids again, only I know it's going to be some time before we can do that.

I have hamburger thawed out and am thinking of either meatloaf, or taco dinner. I can use the roaster oven to bake shells to serve out of, I have refried beans in a can. will need warmed up and 'dressed' up a bit. Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and such to add into it. I'm sure Jerry would like it. Most depends on how I feel this afternoon when it's closer to time to start cooking it.

I have "The View" on right now, but like I said earlier, I was woke up by noisy birds. While we were walking, I could hear Loons calling, and I think a Bobwhite. Crows are almost always around. At night I can hear a couple of Owls.  There are Finches  or Wrens, that live in the brush behind the camper. How they are not hunted by the cats I have no idea. I have seem Blue Jays and Cardinals in the woods out back. as well. We are close enough to the water that we can always hear Ducks and Wild Geese. Oh.. I forgot.. I also hear a Woodpecker pounding on trees and when he stops, a family of Turkeys will gobble as if answering his tat's back.

I am wearing Shorts this morning. I have one set that I didn't put away for winter, for days just like this. I have on my T-shirt I colored a sunflower on.
I am reading... Genesis 27. Jacob stole his brother's blessing from his father, His mother sends him to her brother so Esau  could not kill him.

I downloaded a book called 101 off-line activities you can do with your child. Yeah.. it's cute. I started 101 Secret Gardening Tips, and 100 of the World's Best Sandwiches. 10 Quick and Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipes.  10 Way to make a Successful Gelatin Fruit Salad. Nothing I read in the recipe books, strikes my fancy as in wanting to make them.

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