Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello ... And Good Morning.

   Hello ... And Good Morning.  We were able to leave the windows and vents open again last night. Looking at the forecast, I'll be leaving them open for the rest of this week and most of next.  That is, unless it's raining.  I can't leave the door open at night cause the dogs will bark at anything that moves outside. We do have a good chance of rain tomorrow and the high will be in the 80's.
I've taken the dogs for their morning walk. And Good News.. I took them to the weeds by the lake, so they could potty. Then we took our walk along the lake side, then along the road for the lower parking as is our normal morning walk. The truck they had barked at, when it passed us when we first started our walk, was parked at the camper at the end of our row.And, some one is working on the heater from the outside. (A Stranger) I did say "Hi" as much as to warn him that he has someone close by and to be aware, as to just be friendly.. Hey !!! The Dogs Didn't Bark !!!!  They wanted to go see him but they didn't bark !! Past him, to the pavement and  I made them sit while I could catch my breath. We could hear the dog inside barking.   Once I caught my breath, we continued back toward our own camper. Mike came out to his truck and said "Good Morning, Billie" to me. And I was able to say "Good Morning" back to him without the dogs barking !!!! Again GOOD DOGS!! They are getting much better at not barking when I speak to someone.
 I noticed that our across the road neighbor was up and about when we first started our walk, by the time we got back around to our camper, He was on his bike and gone. I could hear it singing as he went up the hill just outside of the R.V. Park.  It's time for all bikes to start singing !! Oh how it makes us crave having a bike again. I want a trike really. Three wheels are more stable than two. But how in the world would we transport them when we go to the next job?

(11 am)
We have some high, light clouds. Good, cause clouds mean cooler in the camper. I just separated the laundry, to start after Y&R goes off, and found all the white items I need to wash before I can craft with them.  I have plenty to work with. White undies and a bra, T-shirts for both the older Grand Kids, re-washing the Shirts for me. and some white dish towels.

I called Heather, to find out if my cord has been put in the mail yet. She had told me she would put it in the mail on Friday when I talked to her last week. Um.. didn't happen. She said it "should" be in the mail today as Ricky had to take it to the post office yesterday and send it. They are using the same box I sent the printer cord to them in. I love that they want to recycle like that. I can use that box, once it gets here. I can fill it with a few things I have picked up for Baby Heather and send it off before she outgrows the few clothes I've found for her.
Oh Yuck. Y&R won't be on Tomorrow or Friday, due to basketball.. (huge sigh) I'll turn off the T.V.  and find something else to work on. I'm trying harder to turn off the T.V. for short amounts of time during the day as I am way to addicted to sitting and watching it all day long. going from one show to the next and not even paying attention to what time it is, until Oops,, it's time to cook dinner and I haven't done a thing all day long but sit, write a few things on my computer, read emails and watch part of the shows on the T.V. and at the end of the day, I can't even recall what was on the shows I had on.
Oh my, it's so nice outside that I really don't want to spend all day long inside right now. I think I'll work on my painted box again this afternoon. I'll have to walk the dogs before I start up on that. With the canopy up, I can have them out with me, on the tie out leads  I have set up. But then, I do plan on doing laundry, so will have to get up and to the laundry house often, but it's something I can work on, while I wait for the machines to do their job.
I finally had a brain storm.  I put a piece of paper towel under my box while I'm working on it.. duh, why not tape it down so the wind doesn't blow the edges up into the side I just finished painting?  I'm going to do that, today.

From the kitchen...  I pulled pork chops out of the freezer last night. I'll bake those and fix some Alfredo noodles to go with them,  and a Salad, and I do need to make a dessert today.The way the clouds are looking right now. I'll have to bake the pork chops inside today. Yesterday, I put the oven outside and baked meat loaf and 4 smallish sized potatoes. Jerry ate two of the potatoes and I had one. I have enough potatoes to dice and fry for Jerry's breakfast for a change from Reman soup.

I am hearing... The T.V. and the cats meowing at the door. The wind in the trees, and some birds outside are squabbling with the squirrels in the trees.
I am wearing...  Maroon sweat pants and a blue shirt.
I am reading...
Genesis  28. Where Jacob, after receiving his fathers' blessing, leaves home and goes on his way to his mother's brother, stops along the was and has a dream or vision, and hears God talk to him.
'Homestead on the Hillside' by,Mary Jane Holmes (1825-1904)  on my Kindle. 

I am creating...  a painted jewelry box, My earring collection has outgrown the cigar box I've been keeping my earrings in.

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