Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pictures I've taken

I'm going to have to try this picture again. This may explain why my nose is still so stuffy.

I think I'm going to use this one for my desktop



I have always loved Dandylions.  They are Momma flowers. I don't know of a kid yet that hasn't picked a handful to give to Momma. and weeks later blow the seeds on the wind while making a wish.


I'm not sure at all what this little white flower is, it's growing wild in my yard.




and again, no idea what this is, but it's intresting.



^Guess what this is^


It's Strips, looking out the front door.



My poor Elephant ear. still trying to grow.. at least it's persistent. (much like me)


Billie C.


Pookie22 said...

Barney is so cute. I couldn't quite picture what he looked like from your previous descriptions. Than you for sharing. I love the white tshirt with the flower on it, its very pretty. You look good!
I guessed it was a kitty but not sure which one (Strips), looking through a screen LOL!
Kathie (Pookie)

Caroline said...

Enjoy pics Billie. I unprivatisd my blog again, by the way! Hey some pics of your abode, and you and Jerry are surely in order?? Are you still living in your vehicle/van or in a house now? Love Caroline