Monday, February 27, 2012


Hello. As you may know. I run a crafts newsletter most weekdays. I'm late with today's, as I still need to find one more craft to add to it.. anyway. while searching for a craft for the news letter, I came across one of my favorite sites for great ideas, and found out they are asking to be featured on a blog. report back, and then they will pick a blog to feature in their own newsletter. Neat, right?

And even if I odn't get picked, you can still go check them out for many great ideas to make things with.

I got a Cricut over the weekend and I have to clean the camper before I "play" with it again. I need to make room for it.

We picked up the things needed to put a shelf over the T.V. so that will free up some space, as well.
I have t-shirts to fix up, fancy up, for the grand kids. That means a couple of walks over to the laundry room so I can wash and dry before trying to put anything on them. I want to use the Cricut to make stencils,then will spray paint and splatter across them and see how that turns out. I want to work on my own shirts as well.

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Lilac Dreams said...

On the group board you mentioned not sure whaat to do for boy t shirts, You could do trains, a ball from their favorite sport, their favorite team, a car or a truck. I do not know why I did not think of that when I was reading the email earlier, a dinosour too is something some boys like. I hope that helps you. Enjoy your new toy, and maybe you can make a few bucks making words for other people for in their units.