Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hello. Here it is, almost 4 am and it's 66F outside. At least according to the weather app on my computer. We have a chance of storms today.
Yesterday was not a good day. We all have one of those from time to time. I did get the laundry wall washed and dried. But the kitchen sink stopped up, I was able to run a drain snake done it and did bring up a clog, but it's still not draininng like it should and now I have to clean everything out from under the sink. Jerry is going to pick up some drain cleaner on his way home tonight. We will eat out so I don't have to run  as much water. I know it's between the kitchen and the bathroom.  I was pulling hair out of the drain and I never wash my hair at the kitchen sink.  In the last few days, I have run baking soda and vinegar down the drain, as well as lot of boiling hot water.
 We ended up eating at Bubba's last night. I had a fight with my blood sugar all late afternoon and evening. I finally got it to come up enough I felt better.  When I checked it at 4pm, I was 74.  That is low... I drank apple juice and ate a few crackers.  I still have laundry over in the laundry room, I also moved the two boards from the front of the camper to the pile of wood in the back since I almost fell because of one of them (again). Before Jerry go home.  I had a sampler of 4 items and Jerry had the Breakfast Calzone.  He liked it. It was rather large. It was the first time that the younger man that was there that cooks, made one.  Bubba told us that, and that he made a double by mistake but we didnt have to pay but for a regular sized one. Jerry does like "Breakfast" for dinner often.
Another "Good Dog" report.  Started off with a bad pet though. Yesterday, After Jerry left for work and before I headed back to bed, one of the pets Peed had on my bed (I'm sure glade I have a good mattress protector on both beds), I had stripped the beds and they were made up before we went to bed last night, but the comforter I sleep under, was peed on as well and we tossed it into the kitchen area over night. This morning, while Jerry was getting out the cat litter for me, he left the front door of the camper open. Jerry had to come come back to the camper door with the cat litter, pick up the comforter and he still left the door open, I closed it when I stepped outside to give him his "going to work kiss".Rocky and Macon were at the door but didn't go outside. They stayed inside although they were very tempted to go out.  Barney was in a kennel, yet.  
Today is the Ides of March.
When I checked my Blood Sugars this morning it was much better at 125.  That is as near normal as I can get it.

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