Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello ... Whew, what a weekend

Hello ...
Whew, what a weekend. I am not Mrs Plumber. A one way air valve broke, some time ago. Jerry picked a replacement up over the weekend. We had to go to Clarksville when we had planned on going to Erin and enjoying their Festival. Well, after driving Clarksville, Jerry thought we should put the van in and get the oil changed, a tire looked and the chassie lubed. So we parked the van at Flintstone, He goes in, sets it up, comes out and tells me it's going to take at least 45 minutes before they can take it in, and should only take 30 minutes. Ok... Next door is Golden Corral. (one of our favorite places to eat) So we walk over, eat a nice breakfast and walk back. The van hasn't been moved... We were gone almost an hour.. I had Jerry grab the Phase 10 cards out of the van and I go inside. He stays outside long enough to smoke one o his cigars. about 1 1/2 hours after he was told it would be 45 minutes, the van is in the bay, and up in the air. Oil done, all lubed up and tire fixed (we had a nail in it) Jerry was very frustrated that it took twice as long as he was first told. But all that work was needed and he didn't have to do it. We then headed to an R.V sales and parts place we knew of, looking for a part for the plumbing. They don't have it and "Good Luck" finding it.* note here... most plumbing in campers are not the same size as what is in a house, except Air Streams. I suggested that we go to Home Depot, With a stop by Walmart first, cause I had a list of things I have thought about picking up for over a week. (need to make a fresh list now) Found almost 1/2 of what was on my list.
Then, Jerry dropped me off at Hobby Lobby while he goes to Home Depot. I bought some papers, inks, a new stamp and two wooded boxes. I could have shopped more but didn't want to spend all day long there. Funny.... I got out of the van but forgot my wallet.. I had to run from one door to the other and call Jerry, He had my wallet ready when I got to the window. I havn't run in years.
He found a replacement part at Home Depot. But he forgot that I was also looking for plants. I didn't like any of the ones I saw at Wal-mart. By then it was just after Noon. We headed back to the camper. Walked the dogs, put the part on (It works) and we didn't even take anything out of the van. We headed to Erin. We got there after the parade (Yeah!!) A lot of people but not as much noise. Lots of bikers walking around. Saw a couple of nice bikes. Heard some local Music while we were walking around. I found a tent with T-shirts and went looking though our size. I can't tell you how hard it can be to find 2x and 3x printed shirts we like. I found 4 and the man said $80.. they are $20 each.. Okay... Hey Jerry did you see this one? It's the Grim Reeper pipping a tune on a bone. He liked it so that made 5 shirts, Jerry paid for them and I think we totally surprised the man by not putting back any of the ones I had picked out. I had picked out two for me that have horses on them. We need some t-shirts we can wear when we are out. At another booth, I found some wooden plates we can use and I found good silver plated drinking mug that Jerry can use next time we go to a CoHT meeting at a third booth.. I don't think we are going to make it this year. After that I was fairly wore out so we made it back to the van and we left. Back to the camper. Walk the dogs again. I take my Insluin and we decided we are eating out again. I did suggest we go to Dickson since it's the same amount of time to drive there as it takes to go to Clarksville. We ended up back in Clarksville and after driving around a while, ended up at Steak N Shake, and after eating, Jerry took me to Lowe's where I picked up some flowers to put in my planters this morning (got to hurry and finish this so I can go do that ) Sunday, We were at the Walmart in Waverly. Mostly to try to find a couple of fans for here in the camper, and to finish up my list, All done, back to the camper. Jerry put up a shelf I had suggested, is thinking of a shelf over his bed and a tv for over his bed.. but man oh man is my home a wreck. I spent two hours this morning just cleaning up the bathroom. The cats found a roll of paper towels and shredded it, I am cleaning up from the water over-flow and have to bleach out a few things. I did head back to bed for 3 hours and am now ready to get up and get more done. I'll be back in a bit to write more, I'm sure.

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