Sunday, March 18, 2012

I have my cord back

I have finally gotten the cord back for my new Cricut cutter. I had only made a few cuts with it, trying it out befor I made the mistake of taking the cord with me to my caughters' home when I meant to take a power cord for a printer I gave her. She has finally gotten my cord back to me. But my camper (home) is such a mess that I need to cleam up long before I can play with it. My first project is going to be a birthday card for my Grand son. I found some great papers at Hobby Lobby over the weekend that I want to make his card with and will be working on that tomorrow

Notice the button up top? it for a free give a way for a cart for the Cricut. I'm also putting a link to her blog in my list of blogs to check out.

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Michele said...

So glad you've got your cord back! Thanks so much for posting my badge and visiting my blog! Have a great week!