Thursday, April 18, 2013

Howdy....April 18

Howdy.... and Good After noon. Well. Jerry was told to expect to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week until Memorial Day.. I doubt he'll work each and every day of that. He's just going to get so tired that he will have to take a day off even now and then. I thought there was a law about but he said not in Virginia. I may just have to check on that to be sure though.
After asking Jerry to buy his breakfast out yesterday, I went to bed early enough that I could get up and make his breakfast this morning and take the dogs out. Changing everything by just 1/2 a hour sure does throw out my timing.
It's been a very pleasant morning and I have had the dogs out for a bit. Soon it's time to take them out again .I think I'll take out my Kindle and read while they are doing what ever it is that dogs do. (sniff, snap at flying bugs, play with each other ect.) I'll feed the cats at the same time as I take the dogs out, I've already put some dry food out this morning for them. We have a good change of storms this evening so I'll not refill their bowl until after the rain and storms go away.
I've been keeping the camper a bit cleaner than I did over winter. With the door open It just feels fresher in here. It's easier to make the beds first thing after I get up and know I'm going to stay up for the rest of the day. I do go back to bed after Jerry leaves for work for a couple of hours.
From the kitchen...
Lunch. Magic Bullet Speedy Guacamole on crackers
Dinner. I have a Tenderloin I need to roast. I' hate to start the oven in the afternoon when it's hot but this is thawed and I need to take care of it today. Hum.. what all goes on a Philly Sandwich?

I am hearing... The T. V. , the fan blowing, People talking a few lots from us. (they are new) and a few birds are about.
I am wearing... Shorts and a light blue top
I am reading... Bible (Numbers 3), I need to pick out a book to read while I have the dogs outside here in a bit
I am thinking...
I am thankful for...
I am hoping... That those who set the hours of this job, rethink and change them back to 10 hours a day.. I'm sure they are looking at a bonus that they get if the job is done before it's due (and they don't ever seem to share that money with those who do the work) but more and more of the workers are leaving to go to other jobs because the other jobs are offering more money and not pushing for so many hours per week. Over time should not be Mandatory, but at this job, it is.
____ Apr 18 Scrub your kitchen sink today. Be sure to use a
type of cleaner that will sanitize and remove stains. Take
out your drainer and scrub it also, or put it in the
dishwasher. Use a handled brush to scrub the rims of your
sink drain.

Billie C.
Life is short, so live it
Love is rare, so grab it
Fear controls you, so face it
Memories are precious, so cherish them
We only get one life, so live it!

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