Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Howdy... April 3

Howdy.... I hope you are doing well. if you read yesterday's post, I woke up not feeling so well. Today is a much different day. I have all but caught up with my house work.. At least the back half of the camper is cleaned up and I've got the dishes soaking and I've taken the dogs out a couple of times (it's 4 PM) The second time was almost an hour.
I let the dogs play, then we did some training, then I put Rocky and Macon in the camper and I took Barney for a walk down to the lake. While we were at the water, The lady with the three white dogs came out and took her dogs around to the lake she kept her dogs far away and I kept Barney on short lead and told him to "sit" which he did and "Stay" which he did, until she got past and spoke to her dogs.. He got a little hyper, thinking he was being called to join them but when I told him that wasn't going to happen, he looked up at me as if to say.. "Why Not?" and didn't give me any trouble about returning to the camper.. it would be so much easier if It wasn't up-hill and I keep getting out of breath every few feet. I am so out of shape it's not funny.. someone, please ask me around 4 PM if I've taken my walk yet, I really need someone to help me keep walking!!
I am surprised that none of the cats went with me to the lake. I guess they all figured I wasn't going far... and I had Barney with me, as well. .. He don't hurt them, he just pins them to the ground and licks them until they are wet, then lets them go. They don't like that too much. I have taken to putting dry cat food out for the cats in the mornings again. When it got cold, They were not losing weight, but now that it's warming up, they have all lost a bit of weight and they need the extra food for a little while. I put the water off the can of Mackerel I opened over the food and let it soak in, before I took it out. They loved it cause there was none left when I took the canned food out and put it on the table for them.

.I folded three tubs of laundry this morning, and found out the jeans were still just a bit damp, so I put them on hangers and hung them between the bedroom and the kitchen door ways to finish drying. That took about 3 hours for them to feel dry.
I do need to get a box into the mail to Beth soon as it has a spring dress in it for her daughter and some baby spoons that she needs. It looks like Jerry may have to work both Saturday and Sunday this weekend... So I'll either have to pay extra for it to go Fed ex from Office Depot or wait until Jerry gets a day off.. of course, if he gets rained out on Friday (which he might) I will send it USPS.

Outside my door ... It's beautiful. It's on the cool side but the sun is shining and that helps warm the camper up nicely. So nice that I have the door open and one of the vents open.
From the kitchen... When Jerry called that he was on his way home from work yesterday, I asked if he wanted the steaks. I asked because he's not been feeling so well and steaks are not what he wanted to eat. He said "Not really" So I suggested the hot dogs we picked up over the weekend and he said that would be better. I made him is favorite comfort food, Mac and Cheese to go with hot dogs. I also made salads and I always make salad for our meals. I add more to my bowl of salad than what I put in his. He just wants the lettuce, tomato, green pepper and cucumber and maybe some carrot and radish.. I like much more... yesterday, I added 5 olives, and a handful of fresh spinach to mine as well.
I am hearing... (4 PM) I have USA's NCIS on right now, and it will change over to the local news at 5 PM.
I am wearing... brown Sweat Pants, a white T-shirt that has blue and red dye splattered all over it.
I am reading... emails and the bible (one chapter at a time) and I hope to read the directions on my top pattern tonight. I didn't get to that yesterday like I wanted to. I'm in no hurry for that.
I am thankful for... Another "Nice" day to sit outside for a while with the dogs. I'm sure they enjoy their time out, I know I do.
I am hoping... That Jerry does not have to work Sunday.
I am creating... A clean home and happy dogs.
One of my favorite things... sitting outside watching the dogs play with each other.
A few plans for today... (PM) I plan on cleaning off my table (again) so I can pin and cut out my top I want to make
A few plans for the rest of the week... make the top mentioned above and work on some cards on Friday.
Organizing Checklist
Wash and then store your winter outerwear
garments that you are no longer wearing for the year.
April 2013 Organizing Checklist
by Maria Gracia
I can't do this yet, It's still too cool out to put away winter coats just yet.

Billie C.

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