Thursday, April 11, 2013

Howdy.... April 11

Howdy.... And good afternoon. Well it's just past 12 pm so it's afternoon. Ive gotten my house work in the back done (beds make, bathroom cleaned up) the dishes done, cooked some rice, some in the freezer and some for my lunch, made lunch (eating between typing in my log) and have taken the dogs out for a morning romp. That didn't last long, they got bored quickly.
It's mostly sunny today. the clouds are helping to keep the camper a bit cooler than it was yesterday. We are suppose to have thunderstorms this evening and over night.
Strips kept coming in and going out last night. I think he was looking for his sisters. I did see all three cats this moring. I saw one of the cats sleeping in one of our chairs last night when I closed the door.
From the kitchen...
Lunch:Magic Bullet Brisk Broccoli Soup over 1/2 cup of rice. Yummy
Dinner: I have two steaks thawing in the fridge. I'll fix instant potatoes to go with that along with our salads. Not sure what dessert will be just yet.
I am hearing... The TV. oh, it was so nice to wake up to birds singing htis morning. When we put the air conditioner in the window I'll miss that. I have a fan blowing in the livingroom and it's going back and forth so the noise keeps changing pitch as it blows on me then off across the room.
I am wearing... Black Sweat pants and my dark shirt that has horse on as if I'm sitting on it's back. About as close to riding a horse as I can get, any more.
I am reading... Dragon's Time by Anne and Todd McCaffery. I'm a bit confused but I have missed a few books so I'm trying to catch up.
I am hoping... That Jerry does not have to work this Sunday. We need to do laundry at the laundry matt, and I love eating breakfast out with him at Golden Corral.
I am creating... I found the white material and the pattern I want to make a top out of. I finally have the two, together. I need to iron the material this afternoon and maybe I can get it pinned and cut out, as well.
One of my favorite things... is watching the dogs play with each other each morning. They just have so much fun when they can stretch out a bit and move around without bumping into something in the camper.

A few plans for the rest of today.. make dinner, start my top. Let the dogs play outside this afternoon, Maybe walk Barney down to the lake and back
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Billie C.

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