Thursday, April 25, 2013

Howdy... April 25

Howdy.... I hope you have been having a good day. It's a very pleasent day here in Virginia. There is only a slight breeze and the tempature is just perfect. Although we had a few clouds in the sky yesterday, today is clean. I would love a few more days just like today. Of course we need rain, but over night rains would be perfect. My walk today included Macon. The campground owner's boy and his cousin (almost the same age) were pushing a lawnmower up here in our area and I asked them to stop and let me let Macon check it out. Macon tried to stay behind me. He finally came around and got close to it but would not touch it or let either of the boys touch him. When a lady with her three yappy dogs came out it was too much for Macon so we moved on away from the lawnmower and the yappy dogs down to the lake. I let Macon sniff around when I saw another lady with two dogs, closer to his size comeing down the hill. I asker her (Loudly) which direction she wanted to go. She wanted to go to the right, and I told her I would go left, and that I didn't trust Macon around dogs the size of hers and she said her lab mix has the same problem. So now I am wondering if it's a "Lab" thing or not. Anyway. we walked down to the first park bench. where I rested for a little while before going on down to the second bench and rested again. Macon left me a "gift" which I bagged up in a bag, then bagged into another bag and tied to his collar. He wasn't happy with having to carry it but he soon accepted that he was going to carry it on his collar. Barney was barking while we were walking back and I sat outside until he finally stopped barking and was quiet for a little while. Barney seems to have problems when Macon is not around. He does better when I take Rocky for a walk. The cats were all waiting for me to feed them this afternoon. They were even pushing my hands, trying to make me open the cans faster.
From the kitchen... Hamburgers, Salad and Fries. Not sure what, if anything we will have for dessert.
I am hearing... I have been watching old "Person of Intrest" shows all day long. I have to catch up with a few shows, to make room for more shows. Jerry thought he saw that "The Good Wite" was ending and told me. I think he mis read the note as it's the season ending not seires ending show.
I am wearing... Dark Grey sweat pants and a blue printed top.
I am reading... The Bible (one chapter ,Numbers 9) and Emails
I am thinking... How nice it will be for Jerry to have Sunday off this week. Of course we will have lots to get done but I hope he can get some rest in the afternoon.
I am thankful for... wonderful weather and well behavied dogs.
I am hoping... to remember to walk every day. I skipped yesterday's walk and found I couldn't go further than I did two days ago. I need to do better than this every day.
I am creating... A card to send to Beth. I cut everything out two days ago, but then mis-placed it until I did some cleaning in the living room area. After I send this off, I'll glue it all together and have it ready to send out tomorrow.
One of my favorite things... sitting by the lake, just enjoying the day.
A few plans for the rest of today... finish the card for Beth. Make dinner. Take the dogs out one more time.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Shopping, laundry, walking, cooking, list making
A link to one of the groups I own, mod for or am a member of.
Barney sure loves to play with his ball.


Billie C.

The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the cleaner we should see through it ~ Jean Paul

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