Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Howdy April 30

Howdy.... And good afternoon, We had fun yesterday morning after Jerry got rained out. We drove to Burlington, NC to find Best Buy. They didn't have what we were looking for. I found a "Michael's" though and bought a few things. I think the local Hobby Lobby has a better selection, and was a bit disappointed. It was a nice drive though the country side from here to there and that made the trip nice. I am looking for a PDA.. something I can keep a list on and carry with me from place to place. So if I pick up material I can make a note why I picked it up and what I intend to make with it. Or a shopping list. I just can't seem to remember everything I put on a list as well as I use to. I know, I can use a note pad and pen, but my hand writing is not getting any better with age.
yesterday was very dark at times but after 10 am there was very little rain, Today, is just as dark and just as dreary but no rain (yet)
The dogs ended up spending a lot of time in the Kennels and I had a time of it with them when I took them out for the evening. They played and pee' d then wanted back in the camper and Jerry put them back into the kennels (again) I took them back out and took them outside (again) They had a lot of fun playing together and getting all that pent up energy out of their systems. The cats are in and out all the time.
From the kitchen... Dinner will be Salad, Forman Grilled Pork Chops, and noodles.
A Recipe
Magic Bullet Vegetable Lunch (today's lunch)
You put in to the cup how much you want. No measurements (aka Rachael Ray style)
In the tall cup place:
shredded carrots
Broccoli florets (I used two, trimmed and cut smaller)
Baby spinach leaf
Green Pepper
Put on steamer top and then Microwave for 2 minutes, Remove and pour in V8 juice to the bottom of the threads of the top. Replace steamer lid and Microwave for 3 more minutes. I put a 1/2 cup of frozen rice in the microwave to thaw while this is cooking for 3 more minutes. Remove cup, check rice to see if it's hot, if not microwave 1 to 2 more minutes.
Put rice in bowl and mound up in the middle. Whirl the vegetables with the cross blade for a few seconds. Until all is blended. Pour over rice and serve. Make one large bowl of something good for lunch. You could share this by using 1 cup of rice divided between two bowls and still both bowls will be full.
I am hearing... Of Course, the T. V. dogs barking, birds flying around outside.Beth on the Phone
I am wearing... Gray Sweat pants and a spray dyed T-shirt.
I am reading... Emails and Kindle free books
A few plans for today... I still need to finish cleaning the kitchen. Then make the beds and clean the bathroom. (I'm really slow on doing things today)
A few plans for the rest of the week... Clean up the camper and keep it clean. Take a few walks, hope to make a craft or two, take a couple of pictures with my camera.

A link to one of the groups I own, mod for or am a member of.
There is a lot of moss growing around here. I love this picture I took at the first of the month showing the moss by a tree that is on our walk around the drive way in B section.
April 2013 Organizing Checklist
by Maria Gracia

Taco Tuesday! Your dinner for tonight can be
tacos or a taco bar. Invite suggestions for favorite foods
to build your own tacos. Maybe this can be a tradition for
Tuesday night dinners? What other consistent foods or
ingredients would your household enjoy looking forward to
on specific days of the week?

Billie C.

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