Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Howdy....April 17

Howdy.... Jerry's hours have changed. Now we have to get up even earlier. So much so that this morning I just couldn't get myself up and make his breakfast at 3:30 am. He was okay with buying breakfast on his way into work. He's now working from 6:30 am to 6:30 PM which means that he won't get home until after 7;30.. and that's way too late for me to eat so he will buy his dinner on his way home from work. We are both hoping that this does not last long. Usually there isn't enough done the last two hours of 12 hour days to make it worthy of keeping everyone on the job that long. And they are also talking of working both weekend days again this week. Yes, there are laws about having to have at least one day off out of every 14 but it's not enforced much in most states, unless there has been an accident. But anyway.. Jerry is leaving earlier and getting home later.
I am very surprised that I am not wanting to do any sort of gardening this year. Usually I have an "itch" to get my hands dirty and plant a few seeds each year, But not this year at all.

Outside my door ... It's been cloudy all day long, but so far no rain. (it's 2 PM) I am hoping in a way that we do have a thunderstorm so that Jerry can get off work early. All the trees are now set with new leaf and it's so nice and fresh outside (not counting the pollen) and I love sitting out side with the dogs when it's like this.
Whew, what a walk. First I took all thee dogs out. Macon was having fun snapping at bumble bees. He has yet to catch one. Rocky kept chewing at grass and I would stop him each time I saw him doing that. Then the neighbors came home, emptied what they had in their car, Barney "lost" his ball and started barking for it, and Macon barked because Barney was barking. I finally got them to shut up and went and got Barney's ball for him. Then the brought out their dog, on a lead. I had my dogs up short to me. and made them each sit. and they watched her. I brought the dogs in, untied the leads from the camper (It's just long enough to do that. Brought Barney back out (still on his lead) Had to go back after we started because Macon wanted to bark as us because he wasn't going. Put him in a kennel and Rocky as well, left the door open so they could enjoy the breeze.. that didn't work so I had to go back again and close the door. Off Barney and I go for a short walk down by the lake. We walked along the lake and Barney decided it was time for a swim.. he's short so a quick hop in puts him in over his head. and off he swims to the end of the lead, turns around and come back. One of the cats joined us, Barney jumped in again, had a fun time swimming around and more fun getting the cat wet when he shook off the water. Of course the cat ran off. I had to sit at one of the un-used tables to catch my breath (it's all up hill from the lake) and Barney got to sniff around a bit. Back up to the camper where Barney shook off one more time. Now I have him in the kennel to finish drying, before he's allowed out and into the rest of the camper.
I have noticed that my neighbor is letting their dog out more and more, not on a lead. I've been watching that they are not out when I take my dogs out but I'm beginning to think I'm not going to care and just take them out any time I need to and not look to see if they have her out.. But I really don't need the stress of trouble, here.
The campground rules state that all dogs be on leads when outside of their camper.
I am not breaking the rules, they are. and more so each day.
The Cats ... have been fed and one followed me to the lake (it's not that far)Mewing at me that I left her behind and she didn't want to be left behind she wanted to walk with me.
From the kitchen...
I have a crock pot of red beans warming up, I'm thinking of turning them in to a bean dip with a bit of pepper and onion in it.
I'm thinking of making this, with Jalapeno peppers and a bit of dill relish as well.
Cream Cheese Schmears
"A schmear is whipped cream cheese. The magic bullet recipe book suggests adding any of the following into the basic mix. Chive, sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, Dill, red onion, scallions, basil or lox. You could try this with some cranberry sauce mixed in - about 2 tbsp worth"
1 cup cream cheese
2 tablespoons milk
Place the cheese, milk and any additions in the tall cup.
Fit the cross blade and blend until smooth.
Serve as a dip, celery filling, sandwich filling or jacket potato filling.
I am hearing... the .T. V. (as always) the fan blowing back and forth to keep the air stirred up. a few birds singing or calling for mates.
I am wearing... Maroon Cut of Sweat Pant shorts and a splattered T-shirt that Bailey made me last year when we got to visit.
I am reading... I'm between books right now. I did read Numbers chapter 2 this morning.
I am thinking... There is a job in Roxboro N. C. That may be hiring in less than two weeks that Jerry had been checking on. I hope that, if he gets on that job, the hours will stay consistent from week to week and not all over the place like it is at this job all the time.

I am thankful for... Our younger daughter getting moved with no major problems.. A bit of spilt paint and one ruined bath towel (it was used to mop up the paint) and some scratches on the baby's dresser, but it can be re-painted soon. They are in a large place down in the city and can get around much easier there.
There are a few things still to move but "L" will take care of those either tonight or tomorrow. The T. V. that they just mounted to the wall a couple of weeks ago has to be moved and she already knows she can't help with that. It's over her head She called me twice yesterday, and posted a picture of her daughter sleeping in the recliner. The move was no stress on her, and "B" was stressing out that it would be.
B's new place is almost double what she's moved out of. Two Bedroom, Two bath, dinning room (more like an alcove but it's right off the kitchen with a pass through window between the sink and that area.) Deck with a sliding glass window. I have already suggested she put some stickers on the glass at her and Heathers' eye level. She has to get some tool and take Heather's bed apart ( they didn't do that to move it, just put it on the trailer and then piled stuff on the bed) So she can put the bed in the smaller bedroom.
I think "B" will like it there, at least for now. All the convenient things of City living are right close by.
There is a small church close by that she said she wants to check out. There is a library branch close by, as well. Close enough that she can put Heather in the stroller and walk there and not have to get the car from "L".
I am hoping... That this job quits Jacking around with the days and hours of this job. It's getting un-settling to not know from week to week how many hours and what days he may have off.
____ Apr 17 Set your timer today for 15 minutes and then
use this time for tidying up your main living spaces. This
includes, putting items away and wiping surfaces of dust
and dirt. If possible, include other household members.

Billie C.

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