Sunday, April 7, 2013


Howdy.... I hope you have had a good night. Jerry has to work today, so I was up early. I made Jerry his breakfast and took the dogs out. I came in and, not surprising at all, there isn't much to watch on the TV at this time of the day (5 AM) So I am watching some shows I've recorded.
(7 am) The Sun is not up just yet, but there is enough to be able to see well outside. I love pre-dawn, when the day is just waking up and starting.
Jerry will only have to work 8 hours today..He'll call me just a bit after 3:30 but it will take him almost an hour to drive home. We will eat out this evening, Do the shopping and, hopefully, get the laundry done, as well. we don't have a lot but with rumors of his having to start working 12 hours a day, 7 days I don't want to go three weeks again before I can do the laundry again.
Today's forecast is for another wonderful Spring day with temperatures close to 70F, Sunny and Breezy. I love days like this and I plan on being outside for part of it. Or course I'll take the dogs out for their morning potty and romp, but I want to take a walk down to the lake and maybe toss in some bread for the fish and or geese and ducks I see on the water from time to time. I think I might invest in some worms soon and get a line wet a few times.
Stripes slept in the house last night. He stayed curled up at my feet all night long. What was funny is, he refused to move off the bed when I told him to move. so I moved my blankets and the sheet and he managed to stay in his spot. When I got in Bed, I covered him up and he went down to my feet then back up to the top of the bed, under the covers before he figured out how to get out from under the covers. He then slept at my feet all night long. I covered him with my jacket when I got up and he stayed under it, until after I got up put of bed.. He then "demanded" that he be let outside before I did anything else. (typical cat)
I downloaded an Anne McCaffrey and Son book. "Dragon's Time". I'll start reading it while the dogs have their play time today.

Billie C.

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