Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Howdy... April 2

Howdy.... Jerry stayed home from work yesterday, not feeling well at all. He hasn't been feeling well for a few days but he said he felt a bit better and is in hopes of feeling better as the day goes along. Now I think I have it. Corbin wasn't feeling well when we saw the grandkids two weekends ago and now I'm wondering if we have what ever it was he had at the time.
I think Spring is hiding again. It's sunny but cold outside. I had to wear my coat to take the dogs out at 10 am. They did what they needed to do then ran back to the door to be let back in. They all but pulled me back to the door to be let in. The cats were hiding under the camper and as soon as the door was opened they jumped inside even faster than the dogs could move. Hopefully this is the last cold spell. I don't mind cool so much but I don't like cold
Yesterday was April Fools day, Did you pull any pranks on any one? My hubby didn't feel well at all yesterday so I didn't try to come up with anything...

I guess the best "April Fools" we ever had was the year our older daughter was born. I just didn't want to wake him up too early just in case I wasn't in labor.. but it's a good thing I did wake him up. Because if I had waited much longer and he had gone off to work, I would have had her at home. Funny thing is, a stray cat had kittens under the bedroom in the crawl space about the same time I realized I was in labor... and I kinda poked Jerry and told him "Honey you have to wake up I think we have a couple of problems... First off, a cat is having kittens under the house"
His response was ". Humm???"
and then I said "I think I'm in Labor."
after I unburied myself from under his blankets from where he had tossed them on me, I told him. Because David was induced I wasn't "for sure" but fairly sure.. Okay.. let me go get Kathy ( family friend) to drive us to the hospital. (she had 7kids, only one set of twins) Her second to oldest girl asked if she could come along and Kathy said yes. We found out later she was 7 months along (I swear she never showed)
We get to the hospital and the first real pain hit and I knew for sure. A couple of hours after that, Heather was born.

The closest I've come to "Making a Garden" this year is I bought some flower pots and gave them to my Grand Daughter in Tennessee. I just don't even feel the urge to put seeds in the ground this year. That is so strange for me because I'm usually wanting to plant something before then end of February.
April 3, 2013 is National Walking Day! In an attempt to get us up and moving, the American Heart Association calls on all Americans and their employers to incorporate at least 30 minutes of brisk walking into their day. For more information & ideas, go to http://www.startwalkingnow.org/about_start_walking_day.jsp
Outside my door ... Well, it's warmed up enough I can open the door for a while. The sun is shining and that always helps to warm up the camper.

The Dogs ... We have new "neighbors" and they are moving tool boxes from one truck to another and the dogs are watching though the door.

The Cats ... are hiding from the new people and when they think I'm about to open the door meowing for me to open it. It will soon be time to feed them.

From the kitchen... I had planned on steak and potatoes yesterday but it turned into a forage in the fridge (FoF) night, instead.. So, tonight will be salad, steak and potatoes.

I am hearing... I always have the T.V. on.

I am wearing... light gray sweat pants I found in a tube in the closet, a faded black top, and one of my sweat shirt turned into a light jacket.

I am reading... Bible (Leviticus 17) 11. speaks about how the life of flesh is in the blood .. for it is the blood that makes atonement by the life.

I am hoping... that Jerry starts to feel better today. I started off not feeling so well myself but as the day has progressed I have been feeling better.

I am creating... a Spring/Summer top

One of my favorite things... Taking care of my home and knowing that Jerry appreciates it.

A few plans for today... My plans for today are to get out my material and start a top for me. I should have done this weeks ago.

Organizing Checklist for April 2 Begin spring cleaning today, if you have not already. One method for cleaning is to clean one room at a time. The main tasks of spring cleaning involve
un cluttering, dusting, vacuuming and washing, then organizing.

Billie C.

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Patty said...

What a great April Fool's Day! :D I think it's funny how he dumped all the blankets on you. Such a guy. LOL