Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

(9 AM) Oh My, what news to wake up to, Margret Thacher has died. I've recorded "The Bible" and I watched most of it yesterday, I hope to finish watching it today while doing my house chores. I made Jerry his breakfast, as usual. We've changed it up but he's still getting the same thing.. Instead of cooking his sausage as patties, I break them up and put them in to eggs to make an omllete to go over his noodle soup. AS always, while Jerry is eating, I talke the dogs ouw while it's still dark ouside. They all wanted back in very fas because they don't like the dark. I downloaded a few Kindle books, after Jerry left for work. I paid for one.
'Dragongirl ' by Todd McCaffery
Man, oh man.... I'm going to have to stop writting this and go open the vents because, now that the sun is up, it's getting warm in here. I may end up changing into shorts this afternoon. (There, That's done) I saw one of the cats down in the playground and called to it. it was Fuzzy and she came running when I called, jumped in through the back window and when I opend the door, went back out.
So far today, I've cleaned up the bathroom, and made our beds. I've had my breakfast and takend my meds for the morning. I still have to do the dishes, not that there are many of them, and clean the rest of the kitchen, as well.
I have Pork Chops thawed in the fridge and when I asked Jerry what to put with it, He said noodles. So either Mac and Cheese or alfredo noodles. I will make us each a bowl of salad. I have some sugar free pudding that I will make for our dessert.
I plan on sitting outside for a while, and let the dogs play and while they are playing I'll be trying to read one of the books on my Kindle.
I don't remember if I posted this craft or not. I made them in March before we went to see our Daughter and her two kids. I gave them to her as I have no room here for them but oh how I wanted to make them
I've been posting a Magic Bullet recipe a day to a group I'm in. I love this little machine and yes, I do seem to use it every day.
Magic Bullet Fruit Sorbet

About This Recipe
"This is from the Magic Bullet cookbook."
1 cup your favorite frozen fruit
2 -3 tablespoons water ( or fruit juice or liqueur)
Add ingredients to the short cup.
Blend until smooth.
To reach your favorite consistency, you may want to add more water or fruit juice to the frozen fruit.
For visual display, add flavors with contrasting colors in the same cup.
One of the groups I own

Billie C.

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