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About Easy ‘Tie Dye’ the Kids can do!

I saw this idea and posted it in my crafts newsletter back in March.  Today I thought I would experiment with some material and a few pens I have on hand. This is what I found, and below that, my results
Easy 'Tie Dye' the Kids can do!!

After the kids have finished up their artwork on the t-shirts you will then take rubbing alcohol and lightly pour the alcohol over the drawing. It is easiest to do this in a bottle with an applicator tip. But if you don't have one that is okay as well…

The rubbing alcohol will then let the colors bleed out making if kind of a fun tie dye effect the kids will love! – Next let dry!


First, I did a few random marks and instead of using alcohol, I used mouthwash, (funny right, It's what I have in a spray bottle) here are my results.


Hum.. some bled like they should have, but some didn't. So next I did it again using the alcohol, and here are the results of that try.


OH KAY... so which brands will and which ones will not bleed..

I took one of each type of blue plus one black and made a mark taking a picture after each mark so I could keep up with what pen made what mark in order

1 My "Blank" slate so to speak. A piece of old T-shirt stretched out over a small Sour Cream container

2 The first make Tulip Fabric Markers

3. Second Mark Sharpie Mini Marker

4 Third Mark with Sharpie Farbic Marker

and 5 with black Sharpie
Here are the marks, still dry
And what I poured over the marks. I didn't measure how much I used.
I used Just enough to dampen the material
As you can see,  The Sharpie Markers bled very well.
the next few pictures are over the next few minutes. 5 minutes over all and the resulting spread of the color.
So, if your going to do this, don't use the markers for fabric, but only the regular Sharpie Markers
My next experiment will be to see how well the bleeding stands up to washing.

Billie C.
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