Monday, April 15, 2013

Howdy...April 15

Howdy.... I've been doing a few things around the camper then reading a little bit then doing a bit more around the camper. I have all the but living room done and I'm working on that. That means the beds are made, the dishes done and the counters are cleaned up. I've taken the dogs out a couple of times. Watered my plants and have just now fed the cats their canned food.
Today has been one of those early Spring days of clouds, cool, Bright Green against Dark wood colors and I've had to open then close, then open again the door. It's rained a bit, then just stayed cloudy and I started off the day in sweat pants, but around 10 am, I spilled my cup of coffee on me and I cut off a pair of sweat pants to make shorts that I put on. I will need to re cut them a bit as the front is a bit longer than the back of them are.
I've had the dogs out a couple of time but not either time.. It's just to dreary to want to stay outside long. Barney has been playing with his ball as he usually does. Dropping it, picking it up and dropping it again over and over. until it rolled under the couch out of his reach. He then laid down and stared under the couch, waiting for it to come out again.
Dinner tonight will be Salad, Steaks, and mashed potatoes. I'm thinking of making Magic Bullet Speedy Guacamole
About This Recipe
"This is from the Magic Bullet Cookbook. Posted in response to a request on the forum. The quantity is an estimate. The book doesn't give the servings but measuring with water, the small cup holds about 1-1/4 cups."
2 avocados
2 -3 garlic cloves
1 dash fresh lemon juice (1 squeeze) (optional) or 1 dash fresh lime juice ( 1 squeeze) (optional)
1/4 cup onions
4 -6 cherry tomatoes ( 1/4 cup)
1 -2 sprig fresh cilantro
1/4 of a jalapeno peppers (optional)
salt and pepper
Scoop out avocado meat, discarding the pit. Place in the short cup.
Place the remaining ingredients, in the order they are listed, into the short cup. Your may need to cut up the tomatoes to make them fit.
Twist on the cross blade and place the cup onto the power base.
Give it 3-4 quick pulses until all the ingredients are chopped and blended.
Make sure to apply a bit of counter-clockwise pressure to the cup to keep it from locking on. And you may need to use the tap technique to make sure everything gets completely chopped.
I am hearing... Just now on the T. V. the explosions at the Boston Marathon. Why do people do this? What did any of these people who run do to have this happen to them? (sigh) What ever happened to "Live and let Live"? This will never make sense to me. No gathering of people will be safe, I suppose without everyone being treated like they are out to harm someone else.
I finished reading Dragon's Time. I had a hard time keeping up with it at times. but it was another great Dragon Rider's book by both Anne and Todd McCaffery.
I read a craft today that I want to try out very soon. It's making Sun catchers by melting plastic beads in either cake pan or muffin tins. I will have to go find my beads and try it out.
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