Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Howdy.. April 23

Howdy....  I meant to write a note yesterday, then plum forgot about it.  This mooring was not as cool as it was yesterday morning, Thank goodness.  I didn't need to use the oven to help warm things up in here. It helps that I remembered where one of our heaters was stored. I found the one that Hubby was looking for, when I went to find my mixer. Go figure. I finally found my mixer, not where I usually put it.  Now I have got to find a better place to keep it.  I made an Oreo Cookie no-bake dessert for us for tonight. I added just a bit of mint flavoring and a bit of green tint to it, turning it into a Grasshopper pie. Hubby loves Grasshopper pie.  Here in a bit, I'll have to take the dogs out, then go for my walk. I need to take my camera with me. I'm thinking I'll go the other direction, just to change things up a bit. I think I'll take Barney with me on this walk.
Outside my door ...  The trees are finally Green !!. and the slight breeze is just want we need today.  I am seeing a golden glow on all the trucks and cars around here. They are covered in pollen.
The Dogs ...  have been sleeping on the beds. Barney played ball this morning, dropping the ball on my foot, over and over. He finally got tired of doing that. Rocky and Macon had a good ol Wrestlin match when I had them out this morning so everyone is now sleeping (recharging their batteries) and will be ready for round two here in a bit.
The Cats ... are wondering when I'll be feeding them. Each one has come up and looked in the door at me. I guess they think that will make me get up and take care of them faster.
From the kitchen...  I have some chicken strips marinating in Zesty Italian Dressing and will grill them for dinner, and I'll made some noodles to serve them over. Of course we will have salad and the dessert I just made up.
I am hearing... Of course I have the T. V. on. It's always on. I'm hearing a crow "calling" outside, and the breeze in the trees. 
I am wearing... light gray cut off sweat short, red and blue splattered T-shirt. I think I'll be changing into something warmer before Hubby gets home, though.
I am reading...  I'm "between" book at the moment. I did read Numbers 7 from the Bible today. Reading how much each of the 12 tribes gave to the service of the moveable temple and the Ark of the Covenants. One tribe per day for 12 days.  (yeah, boring)
I am thankful for...  Being able to open the door and vents and let the camper air out for a bit. 
I am hoping... That there are no more changes made to Hubby's hours.  He's back to working 10 hour days, starting at 6:30 in the morning and will have Sunday off.. at least until they change their minds again, anyway.
I am creating... I made a card to send to my Grand daughter in Tennessee to give to some one,  two days ago. I'm working on a card to send to my younger daughter. I hope to finish that up after I take my walk this afternoon (here in a few minutes)
One of my favorite things... making dessert. I know we don't "Need" dessert, but it's nice to have from time to time.
A few plans for today... finish up a card I cut the elements for, yesterday. Walk to the park bench and back. Sit outside with the dogs for a little bit.
A few plans for the rest of the week...  I want to make more cards this week.  I have yet to start a top I have been wanting to cut out for some time, now. I am working on doing more around the camper before I start reading my emails. I need to get house work done before I read emails or I get caught up in reading them and forget to get it all done before it's time to make our dinner in the afternoon.  The computer can really be a big time stealer, for me.
Apr 23 Keeping track of all our appointments and
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members. The best method is to use one large yearlong
calendar where all activities are written down. A different
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