Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3, 2011

Good Morning.
We are back home. We had a wonderful trip and even better visit with Beth, Heather and "L". He's not a bad guy, just has had a run of bad luck for about a year now.  I'm sure we've all had a year or two like that. They had to wait until Saturday to move into their apartment. It's really nice. Jerry helped "L" move a few things and we went to dinner at our favorite cafe in Lawson. We went to storage where I was able to at least look inside. Jerry picked up a few things from one of his gang boxes and gave "L" another, empt one. He was thrilled to get it. He can carry all his tools in one container and lock it up, as well. It helped make a lot of room in our storage, as well. They have "stuff" scattered across the county. Some at his Grandmother's house. Some at his Uncle's houses, and more at his cousins' house. We stopped twice at rest areas to sleep and got close around 7:30.We called but they were not able to meet at that time, so we got breakfast.  We called Beth again after we picked up the stroller we sent her,  and she said she hadn't had breakfast yet. Ok, meet at Walmart and we will go over to Waffle house.. (one of her favorite places to eat) and we bought her breakfast. While there I got the hold Heather. Jerry and I ordered waffles so Beth wouldn't feel "funny" eating alone.  Once he ate his waffle, Jerry got to hold Heather while I ate breakfast. Beth took pictures of each of us hold her.  We had to wait a bit to go to the motel anyway. Went to the motel, Beth had to feed Heather and we put the dogs in kennels and went to her apartment.  Where she could relax a bit and see just what amount of room she would get to work with. Jerry took in the stroller and the counter top dish washer that has been in the back of our van for weeks now. It sits on the counter and is perfect for a couple. "L" had never seen one before. Netiher have we. It's about the size of the older microwaves. It was after that when Jerry went and helped "L" with picking up some furniture and Beth and I went to the motel room (not far away) Found out, the dogs were NOT being quiet. (Got to work on that.) I took them out, gave them water and food. closed the cortain. left one light on and turned the tv up a bit more. Don't know if that helped or not since there was someone else at the desk when Jerry got there. It took Beth longer than she figured to feed Heather the second time, and after I took care of the dog, we drove past her place and saw the fellows were back. We went on to Walmart since she needed to pick up a few thimgs. I called Jerry and told him, Pick a place for dinner and call me back.. Ok.  he calls me back, Catrickts. Great, cause we can stop at storage (on our to do list) after wards.. Right. Oh, pick up the dogs before you go to Catricks cause one has been barking. Um... ok.  So we did what shopping Beth needed, I picked up a collar and lead. (Explainin that soon) And met the guys at Catricks. Beth's first job was there and Kat. the owner got to meet Heather. She's so small and petite.. She's almost doll like.  Ever time I got to hold her, I swear she was filling her diaper. She makes all these cute faces while she's doing that. It's like she's enjoying the whole experence. After Catrick's, like I said, we went to storage. I picked up a few things I need here in the camper, and some of my 1700's stuff. A smaller vacuum, and a side rack for my small wok. "L" had to go to his Grandmother's since we were so close. Beth needed to head back to her apartment since it was getting close to time for Heather to eat again. and we decided it was best if we went to the motel room. That way the two of them could have some alone time in their new home. We both have allergies. We watched a bit tv. before calling it a night.
Sunday morning, we invited "L" and Beth to breakfast. Again it was at Waffle House.  We talked about an hour. And it was time to leave. We didn't got back to their place. They had things to do and we had a long trip in front of us. We did drive north to check the farm. Someone has put "No Tresspassing" signs and yellow tape around the house. The weeds are still taller than the house. We didn't stop, just drove past. Took the old route out to I 70. and had to make more stops than anticipated.
Remember I said I picked up a collar and lead?  While Jerry and I were picked up the stroller, We first met Beth at Walmart, There was a truck with "Schnauzer Rat Terrier mix) Found out, the man who had them was the son of one of our friends, Barney Gowins. Found out Barney died two years ago but his wife is still alive. Beth thought it was she who had died. Anyway. We picked up the last male he had, and named it Barney. He would have liked that. Chuck was told that the Schnauzer was fixed and she wasn't. (duh) Beth can't even allow someone visiting to have a dog with them, even if it's left in the car (or van) But since they hope to move into a house next year, after the tax sales are done, I will train this one for them and in reality, it's baby Heather's dog. So far he's been good. he's 12 weeks old. A bit skittish but I expected that. We've expected a lot from the little fellow, what with two adult dogs, kennel at night, and a long trip. Only to come and and have to then meet 4 cats who are not sure it they like him, or not.

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